605 Outdoor Wonders: Sioux Falls Bike Trail

By Anna Stritecky

Images courtesy of siouxfalls.org


Our next outdoor destination is not just one place in itself, but an entire trail that loops all the way around the city of Sioux Falls. The bike trail takes any traveler through 22 stops that compose Sioux Falls to what it is as a city. The trails are described as “home to connection of over 70 public parks. The centrally located Falls Park is the hub of the park system and connected to many of the city’s other parks via the bike trail corridor which encircles the city.”

The bike trail comes with many advantages, such as being able to individually explore each park that it connects. Whether it be stopping for a quick time on the swing set or a few games of sand volleyball, the trail allows you to ride right up to the parks around Sioux Falls.

Having lived in Sioux falls my entire life, I have always known about the bike trails because they were so popular amongst residents, but I didn’t fully take advantage of them until these last couple years. In my most recent experience, I set myself out on a mission to bike the entire trail straight through, finding beauty within the limits of Sioux Falls. I was able to see wooded forest all the way to the airport, all with the sun shining down on my journey. The bike trails take you along the scenic route of Sioux Falls, into many places that one wouldn’t see usually that included forest greens and the Big Sioux. As I was riding my bike, I also quickly realized that the trials were not just meant for biking, seeing that there were a fair amount of runners, rollerbladers, walkers, and skateboarders along the trail because it is so nicely kept and you don’t have to worry about car traffic.

Though the trails are manmade, one can see an entirely new part of nature, and Sioux Falls, along this concrete path.



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