By Denise DePaolo

Images by Elizabeth Lucille Photograpy

The Black Hills are Becky Tomac’s muse. The deep green forests, towering peaks, and vast scenic canyons help the Sturgis-based graphic designer and owner of Oh Geez! Design clear her head and channel her creativity.

Tomac became interested in graphic design while studying at SDSU. After graduation, she moved back West River and began making fun greeting cards as a side project. Her first show was in her hometown of Lemmon in 2007. After that, she set up an Etsy shop, and continued a slow, steady expansion of both offerings and access.

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“After doing a few greeting card designs, I was working my way into doing something more personal,” she recalled. “And it ended up being more local. You go to Denver and see independent designers doing all this Colorado stuff, and for South Dakota it seems there’s been the same design in all the tourist spots for years.”

She began working on something more modern, that she and her friends could relate to, while being mindful of her passions – camping and hiking. What became her most iconic design to date amounts to the outline of the state filled in with a red and black buffalo check print, with a little heart on the corner.

“It happens to be in the Black Hills,” she laughed. “Everyone asks if they can move it, but I really put it there because of balance. The heart just looked the best there.”


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