1. Assisting Alana Snyder, the publisher/owner of 605 Magazine (includes 605 Weddings) and the co-owner of 605 Creative Co. and the 605 Cabin: Working directly with Alana Snyder to keep organized, keep on task with reminders, ensure projects are completed, and to help with higher priority items like scheduling, and lower priority items like errands. 
  2. Scheduling: Using the phone or email to schedule things like appointments, articles, photo shoots, Classic vendors, ad calls, trip organization, reaching out to distributors, freelancers, and more, among many other examples.
  3. Keeping Track of To-Dos: Keeping a weekly list of items to complete and to help complete them, whether it’s checking in, helping with anything, etc. 
  4. Magazine Delivery & Mailing: Help team with magazine delivery process (unload and deliver when needed), help the account manager with subscriptions, and refills. 
  5. Assisting Creative: When needed, helping with creative content, like photo shoots, video shoots, etc. This could include helping with prepping gear and/or doing things like holding lights and the like.
  6. Social Media: (To Be Determined) Working with Alana on social media for each company and helping schedule content, as well as post on social media platforms.
  7. Events: The 605 assistant will join the team by helping plan and implement events, such as the 605 Summer Classic, 605 Black Hills Classic, and 605 Day. 
  8. Working With Interns: Helping Alana check in with interns when they are in the office in the summer and other random times for the internship program. 
  9. Office Aid: Helping keep the office tidy, organized, filled with supplies, and help answer phones, the door, make coffee, mail, help with deposits and invoices, take out trash, and the like when necessary. 
  10. Personal Help: Helping Alana with any random items that might pop up, like running an errand, or making a call.

Note: As this is a new position, the assignments/tasks can and might be changed/edited as needed.