8th Annual 605 Summer Classic

Mod Sun headlines Saturday, June 24. 

605 had the chance to chat with 605 Summer Classic headliners Caroline Smith (Friday, June 23) and Mod Sun (Saturday, June 24) about their careers, their latest albums, and what to expect at this year’s festival.

Caroline Smith headlines Friday, June 23. 

During Mod Sun’s recent 25-city “Drive In Movie” tour, he experimented with video to document his fans at each stop. Sending out someone from his team with a camera, they captured lines of young fans exclaiming heartfelt sentiments like, “You’ve changed my life for the last four years, thank you,” and, “You helped me get through a really rough time when my friend committed suicide; I love you so much.”

 Zuluzuluuu and DJ Abilities Saturday, June 24. 

Bad Bad Hats Friday, June 23. 

After touring for almost 15 years, Minnesota native Mod Sun says he hasn’t ever experienced his fans this way, and is grateful he decided to remove himself from the filming equation for the results.

“It was so special to me. I never really looked at the support that I have and as thoroughly as I did on this tour,” he said. “It’s one thing for fans to walk up to me and say I’ve really helped them out and it’s great to meet me, all in 60 seconds. With this, leaving a message for me was a way I could take it better, because getting compliments to your face is really difficult for me. Seeing it from the outside in, I could really take away from that.”

Philly Fate and Dylan West Saturday, June 24. 

Chris Bedford Friday, June 23. 

Arlinda Peacock Saturday, June 24. 

N.W. Engbers Friday, June 23. 

Mod Sun’s positive energy seemed to transport through the phone when 605 chatted with the hip hop artist and writer (and painter, and poet … we’ll get to that) on a Friday evening. Rather than “fans,” he referred to them as “friends,” and genuinely speaks with affection when referencing them.

“I’m really invested in these people that are supporting me. I love them,” he said. “That’s why I call all these people my friends instead of fans, because the people that listen to me I really connect with and would want to hang out with, and those are the people I’m searching for.”

The idea for the videos came about to coincide with Mod Sun’s newest 11-track album, Movie, which also has a short film previewing songs that can be found on YouTube or his website, modsunmusic.com.

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