In a nutshell, 605 is a source for what is going on statewide through multi mediums, like the magazine (online and print), social media (over 65,000 followers on all platforms), The 605 Show podcast, the 605 Classic events, 605 Creative Co., 605 Weddings, and more. 605 travels statewide to capture the people and places that make South Dakota unique and amazing.
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Alana Snyder
Co-Founder + Director of Operations
Email: asnyder@605magazine.com

Alana started 605 in 2009 with her husband (and co-worker) John. What started as a monthly publication created in their townhome has grown into a strong brand with a talented team officed in downtown Sioux Falls (not to mention incredible freelancers statewide). The pair also runs 605 Creative Co., 605 Weddings, and the 605 Cabin in the Black Hills.


John Snyder
Co-Founder + Marketing & Event Manager
Email: jsnyder@605magazine.com

John has always been passionate about sales and marketing, but he has also delved (deeply) into the photography and cinematography world. No two days are the same as he specializes in working closely with client campaigns and is also busy shooting, editing, and creating projects with 605 and 605’s sister company, 605 Creative Co. You can also find him heading both 605 Classic events. And probably drinking whiskey.


Taylor Hanson
Sales & Account Manager
Email: thanson@605magazine.com

Taylor was born and raised in Sioux Falls, with roots in Garretson. You can find her kayaking down the Big Sioux River, taking day trips to the Palisades, or buying a camera at a local thrift shop. An avid foodie, Taylor can tell you the best places to eat and/or drink around town. Being active, and doing everything at a pace where no one can keep up, explains Taylor in a nutshell.


Dawn Geertsema
Email: dgeertsema@605magazine.com

Raised in small town Minnesota, Dawn has had a passion for writing since her first attempt at writing short stories in fourth grade. Now she’s enjoying her time with the 605 team, having recently graduated with a journalism degree from Augustana University. When she’s not jamming her fingers into a keyboard or interviewing sources across the state, she can be found wandering through Sioux Falls’ parks and trails with her pup, baking sugary delights, breathing her way through her morning yoga, or snuggled up with her hedgehog.


Cailyn Patterson
Lead Multimedia Designer
Email: cpatterson@605magazine.com

Raised in Harrisburg with large family ties in Larchwood, Cailyn has always been drawn to all things design: both physical and digital. After graduating from SDSU with a degree in Interior Design and a slew of minors, she decided to narrow her focus on the high-paced world of graphic design and photography. Back in the 605 office, you can find her listening to horror podcasts while editing photos, assisting in layout designs, or running around town with a camera. Outside of work, you can find her practically doing all the same things for her photography business, CS Galleries, as well as combing through thrift shops, planning out her dream home, and being a vessel for Asian cuisine.


Emily Swan
Multimedia Editor
Email: eswan@605magazine.com

Emily is a creator at heart and is especially passionate about music and photography. She’s active in the area as a classical clarinetist, so you might catch her during a Sioux Falls Municipal Band concert or an area symphony concert. She’s also a wedding photographer, so if you want to talk camera gear with someone, she’s your gal! When not working, Emily loves to be traveling, trying out new foods with her awesome husband, and geeking out over cats and Japan.