The People’s Flag: How One Design is Sparking Conversation

An eye-catching flag is popping up across Sioux Falls that has somehow managed to combine resident-input and international influence into a design that organizers say properly represents of one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities.  

The unofficial flag of Sioux Falls is emblazoned with a pinkish red, symbolizing the area’s quartzite, blue and while stripes ascending across the image symbolizing the falls, and a yellow starburst that acts as a wink to South Dakota’s state flag.

Organizers say the representation is perfect, in part, because of its origins.

In early 2014, OTA, founded by Milbank native Hugh Weber to celebrate and encourage creative work in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, hosted Roman Mars, of the hit design podcast 99 Percent Invisible, at the Washington Pavilion. During a live podcast on vexillology (the study of flags), the host-city was actually called out as one of only three major U.S. cities without an official flag. The design-centric audience caught the jab.

“In this huge audience I’m sitting there thinking, ‘This is my first year on the job, how do I get involved?’” said Kellen Boice, who had just joined as director of the Sioux Falls Design Center.

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