605 Magazine is an independently owned, monthly publication that is distributed throughout the state of South Dakota free of charge.

In a nutshell, 605 Magazine is all things South Dakota. Since 2009, John and Alana Snyder and their talented team have traveled throughout the “605 state” to bring you the latest happenings. Along with hard copies, 605 is also a free app, is available online, and is a monthly podcast with The 605 Show. There are also two annual 605 events, the 605 Summer Classic and the 605 Black Hills Classic, featuring an All-SD Beer Tasting and an evening full of local and regional music.

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Alana Snyder
Email: asnyder@605magazine.com

Alana started 605 Magazine with her husband, John, in 2009 after realizing content was lacking for younger males and females to connect with in the state. Now a statewide publication and brand, she is living her (journalism) dream. When she’s not ripping out her hair from constant deadlines, she is either a.) watching Bravo, b.) eating Mexican food, or is c.) napping with her English Bulldog and Boston Terrier.

John Snyder
Director of Sales & Marketing
Email: jsnyder@605magazine.com

John started 605 with his wife, Alana, and has always been passionate about sales and marketing. Recently, he has also delved into the photography and videography world, and can be seen around town with a camera of some sort in hand. John is an avid soccer player, outdoorsman, Scotch aficionado, and fledgling metal fabricator. He loves his Jeep Wrangler, English Bulldog and Boston Terrier.

Yany Avelar
Multimedia Designer
Email: yavelar@605magazine.com

Yany is a California native, born and raised in Sioux Falls. She graduated South Dakota State University in 2017 with a BS in graphic design with an emphasis in studio art. When Yany isn’t designing for 605, she’s usually at home watching Hulu. She also loves pottery, photography, wine, and printmaking in her free time.

Kyle Determan
Editorial Assistant
Email: kdeterman@605magazine.com

Kyle is the editorial assistant for 605 Magazine, and is obsessed with gawking over real weddings from 605 Weddings. She spends her time listening to Post Malone, transcribing interviews, and drinking too much coffee, while developing the perfect questions to ask complete strangers.

Taylor Hanson
Accounts Manager
Email: thanson@605magazine.com

Taylor was born and raised in Sioux Falls, with roots in Garretson. You can find her kayaking down the Big Sioux River, taking day trips to the Palisades, or buying a camera at a local thrift shop. An avid foodie, Taylor can tell you the best places to eat and/or drink around town. Being active, and doing everything at a pace where no one can keep up, explains Taylor in a nutshell.

Brian Bieber
Podcast Producer

Brian Bieber is a Sioux Falls writer. He regularly engineers 605 Magazine’s podcast, The 605 Show, and very occasionally produces his own podcast, The Ghosts & Horses Radio Hour at GhostsAndHorses.com.

Vaney Hariri
Podcast Co-Host

Vaney Hariri aka V The Noble One is the Co-host of The 605 Show, musician, adventurer, eater of foods and all around man about town.

Kaylyn Deiter

A recent English and journalism graduate from Augustana University, Kaylyn can usually be found at a downtown Sioux Falls coffee shop writing and drinking (decaf) coffee. When she’s not on her laptop or with her nose in a good book, she enjoys traveling, cooking with friends, and trying to avoid watching scary movies.

Erin Mairose

As a small-town South Dakota native, Erin moved to Sioux Falls to attend Augustana University where she recently graduated with a double major in journalism and business communications. She loves meeting the people behind every story, and the learning and creative process that comes with it.

Andrea Van Essen

A Minneapolis native, Andrea is a recent graduate of Augustana University with a triple major in journalism, English and German. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys reading, travel, photography and daydreaming about the day when she’ll finally own a corgi.

Natalie Slieter

Natalie graduated from the University of South Dakota with a degree in communication sciences and disorders. She has a passion for writing, as well as lazy Saturdays, laughing, and spending time with her husband.

Alexa Giebink


A South Dakota native, Alexa is happy to call Sioux Falls home. She is a trained historian who enjoys writing, traveling, and skiing.

Denise DePaolo

Denise DePaolo is a writer and marketing professional based in Sioux Falls. She is passionate about storytelling, local wine and beer, and listening to great music.

Nick Hubbard

Nick Hubbard is a photographer and videographer based out of Rapid City, and owns Hubbard Visuals. He loves showing different perspectives and unique moments.