Image by Reistroffer Design
Don't expect Miss South Dakota Morgan Peck to walk out on stage with a glittered-up, gaudy gown. This year, the Miss America contestant is going green, teaming up with Evenings by Design's Anita Kealey. Peck's gown is made entirely of recycled textiles woven from media [cassette] tape combined with sustainable products like bamboo, raw silk and reclaimed fabric remnants. 

Peck is going green along with the rest of the Miss America Pageant and is competing not only for the crown, but for why "Green is Gorgeous." Each contestant gives their insight on being green, and the one with the most votes with be the first ever "Green is Gorgeous" winner and will take home environmentally conscious prizes. 

You can go to Green T with Tamra to vote for Peck, which ends Saturday night on January 30th. The winner will be announced following the Miss America Pageant on TLC, live from Planet Hollywood.

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