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January and February are traditionally slow months for any type of impactful music releases. So, I would like to give you some back history about what I have learned over my past 20 years as a music fan.

Fads, whether fashion or musical genres, come and go. The same goes with shock value bands. Current bad boys Hollywood Undead and Brokencyde are controlling America’s defiant youth. I wonder how long their reign will continue. Granted, my generation has the fabulous Insane Clown Posse and the notorious Marilyn Manson (both of which still maintain and gain followers to their respective armies).

Hollywood Undead and Brokencyde are swinging from the coattails of the stoner pop/rap group the Kottonmouth Kings. KMK, as they are known to their fans (fans who are usually far too stoned to spit out the whole name), have built a smoking empire of songs based on the almighty leaf.

The Hollywood Undead boys fuse a thuggish attitude with distorted neo-metal riffs that bring insecure boys of all ages to their feet to mosh and bash their heads together. New Mexico’s own Brokecyde bring a snide flavor to the table with their self-named genre “crunk punk.” Both have a niche and are selling staggering numbers of CDs. It always surprises me the age of people that like and support these types of artists by buying their merchandise. Suppose you own a Hollywood Undead t-shirt; now can you imagine still wearing that same shirt when you are in your 30’s? 

I am not going to pretend I am the moral police or I am better than anyone. However, sometimes you need to realize some things are merely for shock value (like this article) and just because you listen to “tough guy” metal does not mean you are a superior being. Yes, I still bust out some Marilyn Manson songs on my trusty iPod every now and then, but I have not ever owned a t-shirt or seen him live. I did divulge rather deeply into the blackness and doom that was ‘90s metal. No, not Pantera. I am talking about lesser known outfits such as Crowbar, Gorguts and Marduk. All had redefined their respective genres of metal.

As the '80s evolved, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath influenced acts that hit airwaves with their own scandalous sounds that would later be known as the "hair metal" era. Makeup and big hair was their thing and drugs and women was their motivation. Motley Crue (another weakness of mine), Warrant and Poison led this school metal of till Nirvana sent the Metal scene back underground in early '90s.

The ‘70s had their gimmick act in Kiss and the slums of London produced a posse of dirt bags who called themselves Motörhead. I have much respect for the latter and admit that both changed the face of rock ‘n’ roll forever.

In the weaker moments of life we become rebellious and turn to things that are themselves rebellious in nature. Over the years, many bands have seasoned the musical melting pot with many different such textures and flavors. Who among them have captivated you? Is the dusty, decayed paraphernalia in your basement or still in you dresser drawer?

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