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If you have been paying attention to the University of South Dakota, whether it be because you’re staff, student or alumni, or you have simply taken notice, the “U.” has been representing the college for around a decade. If you also have been paying attention, you may already know there is a new logo in town as of Aug. 27, and it has pushed aside the so-called trendy “U.” for good.

Welcome the new, traditional “SD”: Same color, totally different appeal. As it goes, the change that will makeover the majority of campus, along with merchandise and athletics, has had a mixed reaction. Some cite that USD changes their logo “too often.” Some believe they are wasting money. Some are celebrating the exit of the “U.” Some think it eerily resembles the San Diego Padres’ logo.

USD director of marketing Bob Fitzpatrick has heard it all, even from university staff.

“There will always be those who don’t like change, or who think they should have more of a say in what happens, or who think they could do a better job, or who just like to complain,” Fitzpatrick said. “One faculty member told me the logo looked like it was designed by a three year old. I suppose someone at [Lawrence & Schiller] may have let their kid take a crack at it, but I doubt it.”

Whether or not people will warm up to it or not, the game plan is to have this look stick around, which is why the university brought in the big guns of the design world. USD began working with Lawrence & Schiller in Sioux Falls on the project over the last 6-8 months to create a look that will “never go out of style.”

Account supervisor at L&S Natalie Eisenberg worked with about half a dozen art directors who created hundreds of logo options. For the last three months one room in the advertising agency was dedicated only to this project.

“The walls were just plastered with logo designs,” laughed Eisenberg. 

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