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In the world of online dating it seems the hotter guys live in the bigger cities, which is true – more people, bigger selection. But before you start chatting with this hot guy from Omaha, you may want to think about a few things.

First of all, can you handle a long distance relationship? If you're like me, the answer is no! I like to see the person I'm dating often, and I like the attention. If you don’t mind seeing them a couple times a month then go for it.

Second, how are you finances? If you find someone you think is worth dating it will be costly. Gas, going out to eat, wear and tear on your car, hotel, etc.

Next, how flexible are you willing to be? It's hard enough dating someone in the same town that has a crazy schedule, but if you don’t have a schedule that is somewhat the same you will have issues in meeting up.

And, finally, are you willing to move? I have kids, love my job in Sioux Falls, and my family is here, so I’m not moving. The point of a relationship is to move forward and take to the next step. If neither party will budge, time to say bye-bye.

My advice is keep your search to 25 miles or less…unless you have a flexible budget, have lots of time, and want to only see the person your dating 3 times a month.

Happy dating, and be safe! 

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