We are very excited to announce that we are distributing in Rapid City starting Sept. 1st! Here are some of the locations where you can pick one up. More will be added to our locations page soon. And don't forget our Rapid City Launch Party on Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. at Ifrits Hookah Lounge

Main St. Market  
Bella of the Black Hills  
Staple & Spice  
Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op
Zoom Soda & Candy  
Altered Art & Scrap Playground
Shangri La Boutique  
Hot Topic    
Tinderbox/Vino 100  
Ifrits Hookah Lounge  
Karma Boutique  
Global Market  
Rapid City Flying J
Ernie November  
Curry Masala  
Dunn Bros. Coffee  
Rapid CIty Public Library    
Haggerty's Musicworks DT
Haggerty's Musicworks
Qdoba (Mt. View Rd.)  
Qdoba (Eglin St.)  
Bully Blends Coffee and Tea

and Corner Pantry stores on the white racks! Have a suggestion for distribtuion spots? E-mail us

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