Well, well, well, it’s time for another round of Blinded by Love–the experiment where we let you, the readers, pick who these lovely people will go on a blind date with. They won’t know who was chosen until they arrive at their date, and 605 will follow them to report if there’s love, friendship, or none of the above.

Voting begins now and ends on Monday at 6 p.m. central. Vote here!

Kelli Pfister is 21 (turning 22 on Jan. 22), and is an assistant manager in retail. She attended South Dakota State University. Kelli loves to stir up new dishes in the kitchen and enjoys shopping at Pomegranate Market and The Co-Op Natural Foods. She lives life to the fullest and adores the adventure of traveling. She loves to read books that are inspirational for the daily mind and also loves a hot cup of tea. Some of her favorite things are: organic fruits, bike rides, sunshine, Coach, and Asian-inspired cuisine.

Mike Hall is 26 years old, and he’s the general manager of the 26th/Minnesota Jimmy Johns. He splits his time between that and his photography business Mike Hall Photography. (Still new, but hopefully growing!)

Mike enjoys cooking, dance, billiards, and being “goofy” with his close friends. Traveling would have to be one of his biggest vices: new places, new people, and new food to try–the best combination. He loves learning new things, finding frequent new hobbies; just to sample them and learn from the experience makes him feel like his free time is well spent.

Andrea Keupp is 28 years old and currently works as a customer service representative at Dakota Performance Solutions and is also a bartender at Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse. She graduated from Augustana College in 2007 with degrees in both English and journalism and works on writing projects in her spare time. Andrea loves rock and roll and horror movies. All other free moments she has are dedicated to running and working out. Come find her any weekend serving up drinks and having a good old time at Bucks!

Larry Urrutia was born in Southern California, and was raised in Lead/Deadwood. He now lives in Sioux Falls. Larry enjoy playing sports, such as volleyball and soccer, and to relax with a movie at night.. He is really into the gym and eating healthy, which makes for him being an amazing cook. Larry works out at the Air National Guard in Sioux Falls full time as an Avionics Tech. He enjoys being out on the town with a great group of friends who like to hit all the major social events in the area.

Liz Pham is always the one making music playlists and trying new things. In this past year, this modern day renaissance woman’s activities included snowboarding, long-boarding, joining a dart team, getting her motorcycle license (and subsequently buying her first motorcycle), and building a new website. She loves earning points on amazon.com and is building her Vietnamese cooking skills.

Alexander Gutnik (Alex) is 24 years old and is from Sioux Falls. This last spring he graduated from the University of South Dakota with his Bachelor’s degree in political science. Currently, he is working as an intern with the Public Defenders Office, volunteers once a week at the Union Gospel Mission as a case manager, is a blogger and DJ for EDMCHARTS.com, and is applying for law school for fall 2013. In his free time he likes to be around family and friends, watch documentaries, attend concerts, enjoy fine wine, and is an avid suit accessory collector.

Raelynn Coldwell (Rae) thinks her name could stand for “realize” or “adventure.” Going everywhere and trying out new things has helped push her in many areas, especially creatively. Since graduating from Mount Marty College in May with a degree in graphic design, she wanted to explore the Sioux Empire and be exposed to the art culture here. She holds her family, faith, and friends close to her heart, and all of the above have made the transition to Sioux Falls great. She loves fresh air equally to her love for ground coffee. She loves meeting new people and being exposed to other ways of life to stretch personal growth.

William Abbott (Will) was born in Minneapolis, Minn. Will has since spent the majority of his life in Sioux Falls. This 21 year old’s selling points consist of his ability to freestyle-cook mango chutney, his Call of Duty kill-death ratio of 1.65, and his ability to carry on an educated conversation about current rap and hip hop. He works both at a cafe and a gaming lounge–a vocational ode to his carefree outlook on life and fun-seeking personality. This same personality characteristic led him on adventures in both Texas and New York this year. He’s never seen a Twilight movie, but stands firmly on Team Jacob.


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