There is an internationally acclaimed artist living right here in Spearfish, S.D. Dick Termes, the creator of Termesphere, has been recognized from San Francisco to Paris to New York to Japan with his one-of-a-kind spherical paintings. termes2This gorgeous technique is unlike any painter by creating his works on spheres, with an end product of a revolving three-dimensional space/time exploration of an entirely closed universe. Some are real and some are a completely fabricated universes from his imagination. termes3termes4

Products range from $100 to around $300. I don’t know about you, but this is a type of art that is definitely a conversation piece that can be passed down through generations. Yes, please!

For more info, visit their website or call (605) 642-4805. Their gallery is located at 1920 Christensen Drive in Spearfish. Keep up to date on upcoming events and more on their Facebook.

See Termes in action while he creates a piece below:

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