This month, Sioux Falls thunder angels Talk Rock release their second album. Entitled VILE, the album is a sonic fist that alternately pumps and swings through ten vein-flexing anthems of power and mystery. In preparation for their record release show on June 27 at Bigs Sports Bar and Billiards in Sioux Falls, the band answered a few questions about how the album and band came to be.

605: Tell me the history of Talk Rock.

TR: Talk Rock began in summer 2011 when the three of us got antsy to start playing music once again. Before Talk Rock, we were in a band called GNOME. Talk Rock was our solution to bringing dirty, loud, rock and roll back into Sioux Falls. It seemed to us at that time that there just were not that many bands to bridge the gap between folk/singer songwriter musicians and straight-up metal bands.

605: Tell me about what it was like putting the new album together.

TR: After we came out with “Modern Gripe” in 2013, we already knew we would be recording again with Jesse Logterman (Killdeer Recording Company). He decided to part ways with his studio in Encore Productions and all he knew was that he was going to somehow turn his basement into his new studio. Our drummer is a contractor, so we struck a deal with Jesse to build his studio in exchange for free recording, mixing and mastering. What was a large basement transformed into a sound-tight, four-room recording studio. Nate, Ryan and Jesse spent a good month worth of weekends framing with sound gaps, double Sheetrocking the walls and ceilings, painting, trimming, building diffusers and hanging up absorbers. Once we were finished building the studio, we got into the studio in early March and spent three weekends putting this record together. We were stuck at eight songs entering the studio and we really wanted a ninth or possible tenth song. This was our first time writing and recording a song in the studio and we can tell. We nailed the song in the studio but with all the different delays, it’s rather difficult to play live!

605: Tell me the best band you’ve ever been compared to.

TR: We’ve been compared to Nirvana, Hum, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, Young Widows and a few others including old locals EXAM. To pick out the best out of that group is pretty tough. When we recently played in Minneapolis, we played with a band called The Great Went. A few of them are from South Dakota originally. They both said they can hear the South Dakota in our style and music.

605: Tell me your favorite sandwich.

TR: Nate and Ryan can never go wrong with a triple decker PB&J. Ben’s all about the patty melt.

605: Tell me your favorite drink.

TR: Surly Coffee Bender, whisky and ginger ale, and anything from Schell’s brewery in general

605: Tell me your worst show story.

TR: We very recently played a show where we showed up early and were really pumped to play because of a prior show our previous band played there. The crowd was great and our merch sales were amazing. So we get to the same venue, unload and go get some food. We get back 20 minutes before the show starts and there was a good crowd. However, after the opening band played, all but the shop owner and two of his friends left, including the local band. It didn’t bother us that people left. That is what it is. What irked us was the fact that the supporting band left. That’s just shitty on their part.

605: What albums really resonate for band members?

TR: For Nate, it’s “Jane Doe” by Converge – Jane Doe. For Ryan, it’s Mogwai’s “Come on Die Young” or “Happy Songs for Happy People.” Ben’s favorite album is “Oceanic” by Isis.

605: How do you feel about your upcoming record and release show?

TR: This is our first time any of us were able to press vinyl and are so excited to have it available at our release party Friday June 27 at Bigs Sports Bar and Billiards.
Talk Rock releases “VILE” upon the world on Friday, June 27, at Bigs Sports Bar and Billiards at 3110 W 12th St. in Sioux Falls. Doors open at 7 p.m. for fans 18 and up with a $7 cover. Opening for Talk Rock will be Crash Cuddle (Mankato, Minn.), Deerhead (Sioux Falls) and The Great Went (Minneapolis, Minn.) For more information, go to the band’s Facebook page here.

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