Create a custom flower crown to wear at this summer’s music festivals.



  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Fresh or artificial flowers
  • Scissors or wire snips


1. Measure, cut, and shape your floral wire into a circle – a bit bigger than you want to allow for room for flowers.


2. Trim flowers to have a few inches of stem.


3. Attach flowers with this stem to floral wire circle with small pieces of floral wire.


4. When completed adding flowers to crown, add pieces of floral tape as needed to help adhere flowers to stay in place and cover any sharper edges from stems and wire.


*When using fresh flowers add damp paper towels around crown and keep in the fridge until wearing the crown.

Cost: Approximately $10/crown, especially if you get a group of friends together to create crowns and split the price of floral wire, tape, and flowers!


Make and take your own free flower crown at Unglued’s grand opening celebration! Join the fun June 19 and 20 in the shop at 218 Phillips Avenue, then wear your creation to the 605 Summer Classic

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