By Kinsey Gustafson

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Kate Sedlacek combined her longtime love of fashion and new-found love of writing to create her blog Kate Maree. This East River lifestyle blogger expands on her passion project and tells us what everyone needs in their closet for Spring.

How did your blog Kate Maree come about?

Kate Sedlacek: Ever since I can remember I always had a love for fashion, makeup, health, and photography. People would compliment me on my outfits and ask about makeup products. I loved talking about them. My mom always called me a salesman because I was so passionate about whatever I was talking about. I started following all these amazing bloggers on Instagram that would inspire my everyday outfits and new trends. One day, I was thinking about starting one and I just did. I haven’t looked back since and it is one million percent my dream job!

What do you blog about?

KS: I will write about anything and everything that I am loving at the moment. Kate Maree has definitely turned into a more fashion-based blog, but I also love talking about makeup, health, interior design, and travel.

What projects are you working on now?

KS: I’m constantly working with different brands and companies. I’m always the first to let my readers know on Instagram, Facebook, and now Snapchat. I’ve been super into snapping lately, because it is the more raw, unedited version of my life and I think people resonate with that the most. I also have some super fun trips planned in the next few months and those are the most fun to blog about for me, personally.

What are some of the biggest trends you are predicting for spring and summer?

KS: Ahh…there are so many that I am pumped about! I am dying over the suede trend – super seventies and boho. They are so much fun to style. I also am obsessing over sneakers being trendy right now. Whoever made this a trend, thank you so very much because it is perfect for the girls who still want to look stylish but love to be comfy at the same time! My sneaker collection has for sure grown by the masses, because I will always choose comfort first.

(*Makeup by Bombshell Beauty)

Read the full interview in the April issue of 605 Magazine or click here


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