Kaladi’s Bistro has been a favorite Sioux Falls coffee spot for years. But now, with the addition of seasonal, house-made entrees, plus a great beer and wine selection, it’s become one of the local culinary scene’s hidden gems.

Sake Sunset


4 oz. Sake

4 oz. Lemon lime soda

2 oz. Orange juice

2 oz. Pineapple

Splash grenadine

Ice and orange garnish


Pour sake and lemon lime soda into a red wine glass.

Follow with orange juice and pineapple juice. 

Add ice, top splash of grenadine, and garnish with an orange slice.

Kaila Gillespie,

“We use Fat Tire beer to make the marinade. It’s wonderful. People come into Kaladi’s and ask us if we sell it. We’ve thought about it.”

Ale Steak Sandwich


Fresh bakery hamburger bun, buttered

6 oz. Grilled sirloin

1.5 oz. Amber ale sauce (teriyaki and amber ale steak sauce)

2 oz. Thin onion straws (or 6-8)

2 oz. Bleu cheese dressing

1 Piece leaf lettuce


Butter the bun and place on grill to heat. 

Grill sirloin to your desired temperature.

With a brush, apply amber ale sauce at end of grilling.

Remove from grill and cut into strips.

Place leaf lettuce on bun and then (in this order) top with steak, bleu cheese dressing, and onion straws.

Place top of bun on and enjoy!

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