Whenever my mother-in-law decorates for fall, it always turns out tacky and overwhelming. How do I help her decorate without it looking like a craft store threw up?

JR: Just be blunt with her. Tell her house looks like craft store vomit. It’s good to keep these lines of communication open with your mother-in-law. That way, she will know you will appreciate it when she weighs in on your house, sense of style, and shortcomings as a parent.

JW: From a Guy’s perspective, I don’t get the seasonal or special day decorations. Wait, there is one day to decorate for. Definitely remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot. (See why I capitalized ‘Guy’)?

JT: Keep. Your. Mouth. Shut. Odds are, she is comfortable with her décor, and it is her home. However, occasional tasteful décor pieces (that don’t completely clash with her current aesthetic) make good gifts.

How can I spice up my work wardrobe without looking unprofessional?

JR:  Professionalism is a fluid concept. Do not feel tethered to what society views as professional. Explore. Take risks. Be bold. Get that facial tattoo you’ve been dreaming of. Yellow hair will impress the CEO. Your career with thank you.

JW: Girls run the risk of looking like an escort and guys run the risk of looking like they fell out of Steve Harvey’s closet (think 12-button mustard yellow suit). You don’t want to go overboard, no matter who you are. The easiest thing to do to avoid wearing the wrong clothing at work is to find a job at a nudist colony. Just take clothes out of the equation!

JT: First, be sure to have good quality pieces that can multi-task. For women, that means a great back pencil skirt, a few crisp white shirts, and neutral dress pants. For men, that means a couple of good suits. Personalize your look with interesting accessories – jewelry, ties, cufflinks, and sweaters. Pair your neutrals with eye-catching colors or statement pieces.

I think my sense of style is fine, but my friends tell me that I haven’t been “in” since the late ’90s. I like my clothes. Do I change, or can I keep rolling with my look?

JR: It is so important to conform to the expectations your friend have for you. The older you get, the more important this becomes. You must change. At all costs.

JW: The ’90s are back. Just slap your favorite episode of Blossom or Boy Meets World in the VHS and take notes! *As a bonus, when watching the latter, take a drink every time Shawn talks about being poor and living in a trailer park.

JT: First of all, your friends sound like jerks. You are the one who has to look in the mirror. If you like what you see, fine. But remember, trying new things (like haircuts and clothing styles) can be fun. Getting out of a rut can be inspiring and lead to positive changes in all areas of your life.

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