By Denise DePaolo

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Like many houses of its era, the Sioux Falls home Thomas Christiansen shares with partner Adam Jorgensen is larger than it appears from the outside. The 1928 craftsman is a tidy shuttered white structure situated on a fenced postage stamp yard in central Sioux Falls.

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Thomas, brand manager at Profile by Sanford, says it’s the home’s character and pre-war architectural details that made him fall in love. “The original hardwood is really well taken care of, the beautiful arch details, and there’s original built-ins. The original door is beautiful. So there’s a lot of cool elements.”

One walks beneath one of the many arches to traverse the covered front entry, and step into the home. To the left is the living room. Much of the furniture comes from Pier One and World Market, stores where Adam once worked. The walls are painted a refined gray and navy blue, which along with the woodwork, give the room a nautical vibe. The restrained palette serves as a perfect backdrop for some of the couple’s more eclectic decor pieces, which includes bits of gold. Thomas explains that they are big fans of giving objects a new, more glamorous life with a coat of gold spray paint. The room also houses several rustic elements, like pallet shelves built by Thomas, and a burlap pillow on a tufted armless chair.


“The pillow we made out of a potato sack that we found at Urban Archaeology,” said Adam, who now works as programming manager at NARAL Pro-Choice. “I had a friend sew it for me. She’s like, ‘I’ll never do this again, so don’t tell anybody I made this for you.’ But it’s awesome.”

Across the entryway is the dining room. A built-in arched cubby was once a phone stand, but now serves as a display shelf. Adam says he loves that the dining room windows have the original wood blinds.

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The room holds a tall square table constructed of dark wood, which they’re planning to replace with a larger one, so they can host holiday meals. This, like most of the other furniture, moved with the couple when they bought the house earlier this year. They marvel that they fit it into their previous 750 square feet, when it practically fills their current 1,800. Above the table hangs a white tiered chandelier.

“This was actually my friend’s chandelier she used in her senior show for college and she was going to throw it away,” said Thomas. “There was another tier to it, so it was a bit gaudy, but I saw potential in it. I took the bottom tier off and I love it.”

Through the dining room is the kitchen. This, along with a new fence, will be the next projects tackled. The plan is to replace the countertops with butcher block, add a subway tile backsplash, and swap out the cabinets for bright white ones with wainscoting. The present kitchen is completely functional, however. The house’s move-in ready condition was a big selling point for the couple. With the bulk of the improvements cosmetic, Thomas and Adam are able to address them at their own pace.


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