Jason Dessen once had a promising research career ahead of him in quantum physics. He could have been on his way to doing something great. We’re talking some Einstein-level stuff.

Instead, he accidentally got his girlfriend Daniela pregnant. He took a job teaching physics at a small college. He married Daniela. They had a son named Charlie.

Fast forward 15 years and Jason is happy enough. He and Daniela are still in love. Their son Charlie is a good teenager. He stays away from the bad crowd and drugs.

But he always wonders what could have been. What if he wouldn’t have married Daniela?  What if he had kept up his research? What if he had made the discovery of a lifetime?

Then one night after having a drink with an old friend, Jason is kidnapped. He is taken to an abandoned factory and told to strip. He is drugged and as he is passing out, his abductor is asking, “Are you happy with your life?”

When he awakes, a stranger is welcoming him home.

He finds out that he did keep up his research and didn’t marry Daniela. He finds out that he did make a huge breakthrough. He finds out that he created a device that allowed people to traverse the multiverse.

Yeah, this is where it gets trippy.

In case you aren’t up to date on your quantum physics, the multiverse is the hypothetical set of parallel universes. 

And Jason entered his device. And now he has returned. But he doesn’t remember any of this. He didn’t do any of this. All he wants to do is return to his family.

And he can only see one way to make that happen. Get back into the device and find his universe.

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