Holiday hosting can be overwhelming, but a few simple steps can elevate your party from dull to decadent.

Don’t go overboard with the red and green. Colors such as white, silver and gold can create lavish, wintry vibe, reminiscent of the snowflakes falling outside.

Scent really sets the mood, but cheap candles can be smoky and perfumey. Spend a couple extra bucks on soy or beeswax, and find yourself instantly transported to a gingerbread factory or pine forest.

Craft the perfect holiday playlist. Determine the vibe you want, and add accordingly. Is it a classy cocktail affair? Go for instrumental favorites. Are you hosting a potluck for friends? Keep it upbeat and fun – “Chipmunks Christmas,” “Fat Wreck Holiday 2016,” etc.

Make sure to have holiday activities to keep guests dispersed throughout the party space. Create a festive photo wall, a DIY ornament station, or supplies for homemade gingerbread houses.

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