Time to shop, but where to start? We’re here to help! The 605 Magazine/Dainty Obsessions staff shares our curated collections from local retailers.

Denise DePaolo
605 Magazine
Managing Editor

“I like items that are fun, functional, and above all, comfortable. Quality is huge for me. As a new mom with a busy schedule, I don’t have extra time to replace or repair shoddy craftsmanship.”

Dakota Uprising | t-shirt, $32.50

Elegant Mommy | Ring sling baby carrier, $159.99

Oh Geez! Design | $26

You’ve Been Framed | Leather Messenger Bag, $299.99

Sticks & Steel | Necklaces $99-$119

Alana Snyder

“I’m pretty laid back when making my wish list. Does it make me feel cozy? Check. Can I fit an entire bottle of wine in it? Double check. Does it make me look like a semi adult? Perfect.”

Elegant Mommy | Head Massager, $4.99

Riddle’s Jewelry | X Ring, $641

Lot 2029 | jacket, $50 and Shirt, $33

You’ve Been Framed | Shoes (also available in charcoal), $105.99

Zandbroz Variety | XL Emoji Wine Glass, $15.50

Emily Swan
Dainty Obsessions Sales Manager

“I’m always on the go, so I’m a softie for accessories that brighten up my frequent travels. To help me unwind, I love products that bring out my creativity or are just plain soothing. Bonus points if any of the aforementioned are purple!”

Pomegranate Market | Chakra Bath Salts,  $14.99

Harold’s Photo | Instax Camera, $69.99

You’ve Been Framed | Blanket, $75.99

Lot 2029 | Gym Bag, $28.00

Wireless World | Bluetooth Headphones, $129.99

John Snyder
605 Magazine Director of Marketing and Sales

“The ring has an elk tooth in it. A frickin’ elk tooth! The coconut oil goes in your coffee, as well as the moonshine. So many cool designs of ties and a wireless enabled trail cam, YES PLEASE!”

Riddle’s Jewelry | Dakota Wapiti Gold Ring, $700-$1,100

Badlands Distillery | Venom Moonshine, $31.99

Wireless World | Spartan GoCam , $419.99

Zandbroz Variety | Bowtie, $47.50

Pomegranate Market | Coconut Oil, $9.99

Liz Painter
605 Magazine Art Director

“As a creative, pretty much anything black is a winner! I like functional and sophisticated items. Tech gear is always awesome to receive during the holidays. Let’s just say I like things that I use to have style.”

Harold’s Photo | Nikon Key Missions 360, $499.99

Dakota Uprising | Sweatshirt, $40

Riddle’s Jewelry | Black Onyx Necklace, $255.00

Sticks and Steel | Large Leather Messenger Bag, $259.00

Schade Vineyard & Winery | Christmas Pleasure Red Table Wine, $14.69

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