Set Limits
Just because you’ve been invited to 15+ Ugly Sweater/Holiday/Secret Santa parties doesn’t mean you have to attend every one. Limit your and your family’s activities to what is most important to you. Take the guilt out of saying no by reminding yourself that limits are necessary to stay sane amidst the craziness.

Choose Wholesome Foods
‘Tis the season for cookies, cakes and pies, but with all that sugar comes consequences for your personal health. It’s okay to indulge those holiday cravings once in awhile, but avoid going over the top by munching on filling snacks such as nuts and veggies. Whip up soups and salads full of protein to make grandma’s apple pie a deserved treat rather than a late-night regret.

Find Gratitude
In the middle of all that Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important. Practice thankfulness each day by keeping a gratitude journal, texting a friend or loved one how much they mean to you or posting a photo of something or someone you’re grateful for on Instagram.

Connect with Special People
Set aside time in the flurry of holiday activities to spend an hour or two with those that matter most in your life. Take an old friend out to coffee. Skype with your long-distance grandparents. Or plan a dinner-date with your significant other. When life gets overwhelming, it’s often the people who know and love us best that bring us the most peace.

Practice Grace
Give yourself and those around you a break. Be gracious by reminding yourself that everyone is fighting some kind of personal battle, even if all appears perfect on the outside. But don’t neglect yourself in this equation. Practice grace towards

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