When Lauren Neff saw a ranch-style home built in 1955 become available on the east side of Sioux Falls, she had to have it. The couple’s realtor had them look at three other homes, but the thought of the midcentury home’s potential stayed with her.

“We used to live in a house from 1913, and this was a lot different. I asked if she wanted to live in one of those, and she said, ‘No, I want this,’” recalled her husband, Matt.


The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was purchased from the original owners, and the Neffs soon realized it was a blend of the 1950’s elements with 1970’s updates.

“It had some funky lights up here that we took down that were colored pink and green,” described Matt.

The first big project was to remove all of the carpet from the bedrooms and bathrooms.

“We signed the papers and we had the carpet lined up outside,” laughed Lauren. “There was some laminate out [in the main area], but once we opened up the kitchen, it had different flooring in there. So we had to redo all of this flooring since it had to change into a big room.”


The couple worked on the remodel themselves to create an open-floor plan, tag-teaming the

kitchen. Matt took down the wall that caused separation from the entrance and living room, and a pregnant Lauren assembled all of the IKEA cabinets.


“I was 8 ½ months pregnant, sitting on the floor putting cabinets together,” said Lauren.

“Yeah, there were definitely ups and downs,” recalled Matt on the projects that took a year. “We gave ourselves a real deadline, and that was good for us.”


They lived in their home throughout the remodel and didn’t have a kitchen for months, which made them get creative by doing dishes in the bathtub.


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Photography: Elizabeth Lucille Photography 

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