One thing I have found is that if you want to find a good chunk of the local community, go to a sports bar. Whether it’s the familiar feeling of sports teams on (way) too many flat screen televisions to the comfort of wings in a basket, people tend to gather there on a frequent basis.

That’s why, especially on Super Bowl Sunday,  my co-workers and I were excited to check out Mavericks Steaks & Cocktails, located upstairs at the “all new” Gold Dust Casino & Hotel in Deadwood. We were staying steps away at the newest hotel in the area that is associated with the restaurant, The Hotel by Gold Dust.

I am a huge Las Vegas freak, and I loved that as we walked up the stairs you could see that the restaurant wrapped around the casino with railings and hanging Vegas-style chandeliers, so you could look down at what was happening at slots and table games.

We were greeted and started walking towards our high top table when, in true South Dakota fashion, I was hugged from behind and realized my server used to be on my co-ed soccer team.

The bar was located in the center of the room, and light wood flooring and walls emphasized the Western feel it was going for, but in a modern way. As a fan, I was excited to see a giant framed poster of HBO’s Deadwood.

We started with the Gunslinger Rolls, which were homemade egg rolls made with chicken and cream cheese, served with sweet chile sauce. These still make my mouth water when I think about them. They were delicious with and without the sauce, but the plum sauce did complement the egg roll, which we discussed almost tasted like it was baked and not deep-fried.

“I don’t even like cream cheese, and I love this,” said one person at the table.

Mavericks makes homemade soup, so we tasted the Beer Cheese Soup and their house soup, the Cajun Beef Soup. The beer cheese soup was good, but the homemade croutons were to die for. One person threatened to take some home in her purse. The house soup was very good, and was very hefty. All of the ingredients were large (huge mushrooms, FYI). Either be starving if you order it as a starter, or save it for your meal.

For our main meals, we ordered the Cajun Maverick Fettuccini and the New York Strip. The pasta was built up in the menu, described with, “We guarantee you’ve never had anything like this!” We all agreed we definitely had enjoyed something like this before, but I did inhale the thinly cut Maverick steak. I would have this again, but I would probably order a Maverick Steak instead.

Our New York Strip was tender and delicious (even though our table mate was very upset we didn’t order it rare). We ordered the Garlic Cheddar Mashed for our side, and it was probably the most disappointing of the items. It just seemed bland and had a giant chunk of cheese on top.

Because the server loved me (I apologize, and I had zero idea I would know our server), he brought us Baby Back Ribs and insisted we couldn’t leave without trying them. It came with their homemade BBQ sauce and melted off the bone.

Surprisingly, we were obsessed with the dinner rolls that came with the entrees. Light and airy, and baked fresh, they were served with honey butter. “I’m going to crave these after I leave,” one person said, sadly.

We were told we couldn’t leave until we tried the house-infused vodka and homemade Bloody Mary mix. I’m terrified of spicy Bloody Mary drinks, so they brought it to me in shot glasses to sip. It definitely made my hair stand up, and spicy lovers will rejoice.

To end our evening, we tried one of their signature drinks – the Hairy Buffalo. Our server described it as a fruity version of a Long Island Iced Tea. I shared it, and it definitely was dangerous in a good way. After one of those, you should be feeling great. This helped, and was needed with the prolonged finale of the Super Bowl.


I loved the atmosphere and would definitely eat there again when I’m in Deadwood. There were many signature drinks I didn’t get to try that looked tempting. I especially was intrigued when I read on Friday nights that the Maverick Steak is only $6.95. TGIF, it is.




I loved the Western ambiance, and liked the newer feel to the place. It’s a great spot for a steak, but it’s definitely a go-to sports bar.



I have to. He was fantastic, and I’ve been very clear that we ended up knowing each other. That doesn’t mean he had to be as amazing as he was. Definitely ask for Rob when you’re there.



It was very good. I will probably dream about those egg rolls until next time, and I know my co-worker has probably written in her diary about the buns.

It's the Facts

They pride themselves on making items in-house, like peeling and boiling real potatoes for mashed potatoes and making all of their sauces and dressings.

Mavericks serves USDA Choice steaks that are hand-cut in the kitchen every day.

The first Mavericks Steaks & Cocktails opened in Aberdeen in 1999.

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