Spring cleaning is last on the list of my favorite things to do, but my apartment really needs a face-lift. Is there any way to spring clean without feeling like what I’m doing is cleaning?

JR: Ask your mom for some “help.” Then step outside to take a very important “work-related” phone call. Trust me, you won’t feel like you’re cleaning at all!

JW: There is one trick: Pay a cleaning service. Other than that, grab the toothbrush and hit that tile grout, maggot!

JT: I don’t know what to tell you. Put some Disney music on and dance around the room while you clean. Talking to mice might get you checked in to a psychiatric hospital, though.

We are getting ready for our son’s graduation, and my husband and I can’t decide on our gift. While I want to help with a new car, my husband would rather buy him a trip. What do we do?

JR: Have you tried asking your son what he wants? P.S. Graduation gifts have moved from a “Congrats, Grad” card to cars or trips?!

JW: You’re going to eff this up no matter what you do. Give him cash. What could a recent grad do wrong with a huge pile of cash, anyway?  Definitely not buy drugs… I don’t even know why I randomly said that… He’ll probably just roll it into a low -risk mutual bond.

JT: First, can you adopt me? Second, what does he actually need? Sounds like if you’re willing to give him a car and he needs one, give the bro a car. Already has a car and doesn’t need an upgrade? A trip is an experience, and those are priceless. Just tell him to pack a lot of Advil. And to hydrate… preferably in your best “mom” voice.

I am currently attempting to write my fourth book. I seem to always get stuck in the same spot – what should I do to break my inevitable writer’s block?

JR: I’m currently trying to read my third book. I think we should just face the facts. Books are boring. Can’t we just skip to the movie version?

JW: Perhaps a night of soul-quenching blood lust is in order? I just assume you’re a secret murderer, as all of the movies I watch about authors make them crazy people.

JT: Step away and decompress. Take a walk, or hang out at Barnes & Noble for inspiration. It always helps to ask friends, too. But they will give you their full opinion, so get ready for that.

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