May is a time of transition, especially in the garden. If you find it’s still too cold to start yours, begin your plants indoors.




Take used toilet paper rolls and fill them halfway with potting soil.

Place two or three seeds in each and fill to the top with soil.

By using toilet paper rolls, you’re able to transfer the entire plant into a bigger, outdoor pot, or even the ground, without worrying about damage to the environment. The same components that make them biodegradable also allow for great water absorption.



No empty toilet paper rolls lying around? No problem! Carefully crack eggs into a bowl (you can freeze them and save them for later) leaving at least the top half in tact.

Put one spoonful of soil into the shell, along with two or three seeds.

Fill to the top with soil, and label the shell with a permanent marker.

When it’s time to transfer, simply crack the shell and place the entire plant into the ground.

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