On the road to your next concert? Camping for the weekend? Pack healthy snacks that fill you up, give you energy, and keep you dancing. Kat Rykhus of Pomegranate Market gives four options to bring to summer events.


There’s nothing like grass-fed, handcrafted beef jerky. High in protein, this tender, nutrient-dense snack has no added hormones, no grain, and no grain byproducts. Vegetarian? Try mushroom jerky.


Raw produce is always a good choice. Organically grown, picked fresh and dried at low temperatures, the flavors are preserved, and you will receive the essential nutrients.


Gluten free, vegan, and soy-free, these high protein bars can fit in your pocket, yet are a great meal replacement.


Chewy ginger candy is low fat, vegan, made with fresh ginger, and are great for travel and activity. These snacks also ease an upset stomach if you’re getting car sick or aren’t feeling well.

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