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Red Assarita


(Makes 9.5-oz. servings)

1 bottle Red Ass Rhubarb wine

1 1/2 Cups margarita mix (without tequila)

Fresh lime, cut into wedges

Margarita salt & ice (optional)


Combine wine and margarita mix. Chill.

Prepare glass by running a lime wedge around the edges, then dipping in margarita salt.

Add ice if desired.

Pour Red Assarita into the glasses and garnish with lime wedges.

Thomas Hentges
Senior Front of House Manager

“We’re taking our most popular and awarded wine and are adding some margarita mix as just another way to enjoy our wines in a summertime setting.”

Mango Chicken & Brown Rice Bowl


1 Cup Brown Basmati Rice

1 Chicken breast

1 T Diced roasted poblano pepper

1/2 T Dried candied mango

1/2 Sliced ripe avocado

Fresh cilantro leaf

Fried corn tortilla strips

1 T Mango vinaigrette


Cook the brown rice with 2 1/4 cups of water to 1 cup of rice and a pinch of salt about 35 minutes on the stove, covered.

Cook the chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper. Cut on a bias.

Top the bowl of rice with all of the garnishing ingredients and the chicken.

Serve mango vinaigrette on the side.

Top with a pinch of cilantro.

Mark Benedetto
Executive Chef

“We’re really trying to focus on the health aspect of it, along with the fact that they’re all gluten free, and could easily be vegetarian, if you’d like. It gives more freedom for people with dietary restrictions.”

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