The manager of LOT 2029 in Sioux Falls gives us an inside look at her favorite snacks, her love and fear of water, and her stylish collection.

Getting ready in the morning is my favorite, because I’m obsessed with hair and makeup. A random fact about me is that I went to beauty school at Stewart School in Sioux Falls. As a side passion, you can find me doing hair and makeup for events, for photo shoots, and for fun.

I collect [1] sunglasses. I have around 15 pairs. My current favorite pair are my purple cat-eye glasses, mainly because they’re so vintage and fun!

Along with collecting sunglasses, swimsuits are a hard next for me. Every summer I can’t go without buying a couple new styles. We just started carrying swimsuits at [2] LOT 2029, which is awesome. They’re amazing quality and are very unique! I’ve been loving one pieces, and the ones we carry in store are so stylish. I also love our off-the-shoulder two-piece.

I love summer and being outside. You can typically find me in some body of water on my days off, like [3] Wild Water West or the lake.

I have a high maintenance beagle, Stella, whom I love to spend time with either at the Spencer Park dog park or on the bike trails after work or on weekends.

My happy place is Target! Whenever I need to escape the world, I go there to be inspired.

[4] Ode to Food & Drinks’ chislic is to die for! Otherwise, my go-to spot for dinner with my boyfriend is Texas Roadhouse. I can never go wrong with a steak and margarita

I love to [5] journal; it’s my way of expressing myself, and it rejuvenates my soul. Whenever I have a minute to myself, I’ll write about anything that’s on my mind – from anything that happened that day to a trip I went on to inspirational quotes.

[6] Cookie dough is my weakness. I try not to have it in my house so I don’t get carried away and eat a whole tub in one sitting (because I’ve done this too many times to count). My favorite ice cream usually has cookie dough in it, and I love to pick out the chocolate chips. I like the taste of “chocolate chip cookie dough,” but without the chocolate chips (yes it is different than sugar cookie dough).

Random Facts:

I can drive a stick shift. pretty well, actually.

The only way I  will eat Oreo cookies is if I cover them in peanut butter and drown them in milk. Then, when they are almost soggy but still have a little crunch, I scoop them up with a spoon. I thought everyone did this?!

I LOVE eating tomatoes.  tomatoes,.I know weird right?

I’ve always been drawn to the ocean, but am absolutely terrified of what’s in the ocean.

I’m a huge animal lover. While watching movies, I’m that girl that is crying over a dog that died rather than a human. I sometimes even feel bad for killing a spider, and I hate spiders!

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