I just got a new job that requires me to dress up every day. What are some ways I can look the part without breaking the bank?

JR: Hair gel is both a cheap and classy way of looking professional. Male or female, long hair or short hair, when I see some nicely gelled hair at work I think, ‘That person should get a promotion!’

JW: When I was starting out “working for the man,” I had the same problem. But how did I try to fit into The Matrix without breaking the bank? Thrift stores are your friend. You may be wearing a dead man’s clothes, but a little Febreze goes a long way!

JT: Build up your wardrobe and buy classic, everyday pieces. Start with a nice blazer or suit. When you’re ready, build on that and have a couple of shirt options. Maybe aim for a couple of suits so it’s not totally obvious you’re wearing the same clothes every day?

My mom’s birthday is coming up, and I’m tight on money. What is a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift I could get her?

JR: Typically I just turn to my right and ask her what she wants. She usually just mumbles something that sounds like, “Move out,” but I think she’s saying, “More of this.”

JW: Coupons for five free massages from you. Wait… did you say your mom? I’ll let you decide how appropriate that is… thinking flowers instead.

JT: Experiences are always special when it comes to family. Bring over some ingredients to something she or you both would make growing up.   

Why is dating so hard? I have all the apps, tried all the online profiles, and nothing comes out of it. I’m so tired of being alone. Is it me?

JR: My mom used to help me pick out my dates, until she started grabbing my phone. I lost Becky when she swiped left on accident because she doesn’t know how to use the internet. Becky…

JW: It’s probably you, bro. Have you tried lying more?

JT: It’s all in due time. I would definitely mix it up and get out there more physically. If you have a dog, try talking to someone at the dog park (even if it’s not someone you’re totally into for practice). Go to a 1 Million Cups and mingle over coffee with new people. Someone could eventually introduce you to your special someone.

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