Sioux Falls comic artist and illustrator Dylan Jacobson will proudly admit he’s a “nerd.” It’s all coming full circle, though, now that people are “nerding out” over his work, including his most recent comic book, Champions. With Jacobson’s background in digital arts and design and his experience as a web designer, he has used his talents in the community with residencies with the South Dakota Arts Council. 605 caught up with the storyteller about this process, who he’s obsessed with, and his upcoming September 15th release of the anticipated Champions Issue 2.

YOU MIGHT KNOW MY WORK FROM… my comic series Champions, which can be found around Sioux Falls at various businesses. You may also recognize my work with the Washington Pavilion summer camps, which featured a mural hanging at the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce.

MY GO-TO ART TOOLs ARE… pencils, Bristol board, and 000 sable brushes with sumi ink.

MY LOVE FOR ART BEGAN… somewhere in my early childhood. Doodling, sketching, and telling my own stories is something I’ve always done. I didn’t become cognizant of art, or art appreciation, until high school at Washington [High School], where I became more involved due to many of my teachers.

A PROJECT I’M WORKING ON IS… the third installation in my series Champions, as well as a new webcomic, This is My Private Life. Champions is slated for six issues, all of which take place in Sioux Falls and feature four plain-clothes superheroes defending their city, overcoming internal issues, and working together to do the right thing. Private Life is a non-sequitur journal comic with no projected end date.

MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM… a great number of sources. I like to say that I grew up in front of the TV and tucked into books. My youth really revolved around storytelling, and it’s something I’ve connected with recently. I often credit Joss Whedon and his writing staff for setting me on the writing path I’m on. As for art, I tend to lean toward Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim, Cardboard),  Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Karl Moline (Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics), Jake Parker (Rocket Raccoon), and Scottie Young (I Hate Fairyland).

MY FAVORITE PLACE TO GRAB A BITE IS… at Oshima Sushi downtown.

SOMETHING I’M CURRENTLY EXCITED FOR IS… to release Champions Issue 2.

PEOPLE HAVE COMPARED MY ART TO… a combination of Disney and Doug TenNapel.

I’M OBSESSED WITH THE COMIC BOOK CHARACTER… Buffy [the Vampire Slayer]. I own more Buffy comics than anything. But she started on TV. Can I still say Buffy?

A TV SHOW YOU CAN FIND Me BINGE-WATCHING IS… You would guess Buffy, but I binge the Office when I’m working. It’s a phenomenal background show.

I LOVE THE LOCAL ART COMMUNITY, BECAUSE… Sioux Falls has a tremendously supportive and collaborative art community. I wouldn’t have a career without the support I’ve garnered from places like JAM Art & Supplies, Exposure Gallery & Studios, or even Coffea [Roasterie]. They gave me a community to grow in and a structured basis to grow upon.

I KNEW IT WAS TIME TO GO FULL TIME WITH ART WHEN… the demand for my next issue outweighed my ability to create it. It’s been kind of crazy, but in so many ways, it’s hard to describe. It’s better to do one thing well than two things poorly. And if the thing you do well is the thing you want to be doing, that’s when you should start doing it.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES IN SOUTH DAKOTA IS… I’m a sucker for downtown. It’s the place that I feel I grow the most successfully in right now. However, I get to work with the South Dakota Arts Council and get to see so many wonderful places. It’s hard not to love them all.

MY FAVORITE MATERIAL POSSESSION IS… an RIAA certified gold record that means oodles to me. It’s hard not to say it’s my favorite, since certain music inspires so much of my writing. But, I have these Buffy statues, about 16 inches tall, that really complete my nerdom. I love them more than anyone should.

IF I WEREN’T DOING THIS, I WOULD BE… as risky as it sounds, there’s no plan B. If I weren’t doing this, I don’t think there’s anything else. This is all there is. I could write stories, I could teach, but these things are already a part of what I do.

MY NEXT LAUNCH WILL TAKE PLACE (EVENT)… early September, which is what we’re anticipating for the launch for Champions Issue 2. Check my Patreon ( for more precise details, or ask at Last Stop CD Shop.

For updates on Jacobson or to donate to his work, visit

Champions Issue 2 Release Parties

Madison Area Arts Council
106 SE 2nd St.

Last Stop CD Shop
2121 E 10th St.
Sioux Falls

September 14 // 7 p.m.
September 15 // 5 p.m.

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