Make It: All Day Cafe

Recently named one of the top seven places to grab a Bloody Mary in South Dakota by, All Day Cafe is a local favorite for brunch any day of the week. But the restaurant is about more than just breakfast. The talented team created a dinner dish and a dessert drink to enjoy at home or on their incredible patio.



1 oz. Vanilla vodka

1 oz. Rumchatta

½ oz. Kaluha

½ oz. White Créme de Cocoa


Shake over ice.

Strain into a martini glass.



4 oz. Sliced chicken breast

3 ea. Shrimp

1 oz. Red onion

2 oz. Green and red bell peppers

1 oz. Shredded carrots

5 ea. Snap peas

1 oz. Sliced celery

4 oz. Pad Thai sauce (soy, fish sauce, sweet chili to tast)

4 oz. Noodles    


1 oz. Bean sprouts

1 tb. Crushed peanuts

1 tb. Cilantro

1 tb. Sliced scallions

1 ea. Lime wedge


Sauté chicken and shrimp.

Add vegetables and cook until tender.

Add Pad Thai sauce and bring to a boil.

Toss in noodles.

Place garnish ingredients on top.

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