I have a friend that constantly cancels last minute. Invite them to a concert? One day before, “something” comes up. Once in a while they actually attend, but it’s hard to deal with the flakiness. What should I do?

JR: I blame this darn digital world we live in. People are constantly on Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter looking for something better to do rather than enjoying their current plans. I just joined this friends app called Tinder, and I already have three plans to watch Netflix and chill next week!

JW: These guys are the worst. Just stop inviting them. When they finally ask why they aren’t on your list, just tell them they are. Then an hour before the event tell them that they should kick rocks. Maybe this is why I don’t have many friends?

JT: I hate to tell you, but everyone has “that friend.” I don’t think they’ll ever change, so maybe just pick your reliable friends for events and invite them to more casual get-togethers.

My mom’s new boyfriend is trying desperately to be friends with my siblings and me. He is a nice guy, but it’s starting to get weird when he texts us almost every day. Do I say something to my mom, or am I overreacting?

JR: Are you replying with Bitmojis? If so, you’re overreacting. Sending a Bitmoji is an invitation for further text dialogue. If not, it’s time to let your mom know that her boyfriend needs to mind his own business. And follow that text with a passive aggressive poop emoji.

JW: Nah, be nice to Jeff. He’s just trying to be your new dad. Wait, you’re not my dad. Back off, Jeff!

JT: I would just ignore it. Everyone has family that texts too much. He’s probably just excited to have his first iPhone or whatever. Maybe the magic will wear off. Either way, he’s just trying to care.

I have started to take some much needed “me time,” which usually consists of meditating in my room or reading a book. My roommate, on the other hand, is having a hard time understanding the idea. How do I nicely ask her to leave me alone?

JR: I hear ya! Every time my mom asks me to pay the bills or stop ordering movies off DIRECTV, I disappear and “meditate.”

JW:  Listen, hippy – your roommate pays rent, too. Go out into the woods if you need to re-align your chi or whatever. The Lord of Light will never smile upon you if you’re only thinking about you all the time. Also, I hope my advice doesn’t harsh your mel.

JT: Maybe briefly chat with them and let them know you’re starting to focus on you to relax. To communicate even better, it could be a good idea to light a candle that symbolizes you’re mid-book or whatever area you’re focusing on.

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