Certified Health Coach Anna Stahl strives every day to be the catalyst in people’s lives for them to be their “best selves.” Her company, AnnaCate Whole Health Coach, empowers clients to find balance and everyday joy in all areas through food and fitness. When Stahl isn’t working on customized programs or blogging and sharing recipes, she’s also trying to live her best life through Taylor Swift anthems, morning tea, and lots and lots of sleep.

I start my weekdays the same way each day: a Lärabar with a morning tea – Tazo Awake English Breakfast or Earl Grey [1] or, on occasion, a tasty Bulletproof coffee (froth a cup of dark roast, one tablespoon of grass-fed butter, and a teaspoon of Brain Octane Oil).

Two to three days a week I teach LesMills BodyPump at GreatLife (Woodlake) [2]. When I’m not weight-lifting from this class, you’ll find me in the hot yoga studio, walking my pup, or trying to get out for a run. Moving the body plus Spotify (a fab playlist) equals happiness.

Since I started coaching, I have done quite a bit of journaling/writing [3]. I love to write, feel, share, love, and dream. Reading books that challenge me, make me smile, or invigorate a sense of adventure is always a good use of time!

I really enjoy cooking. I think it’s become obvious to me in the past few years that cooking healthy, great-tasting foods for others is my way of giving to those I love in my life.

When I’m not at home eating dinner, I relish in the dining experience! Pairing amazing flavors with wines (like a cheese platter from Prairie Berry East Bank [4]) and joyful company and authentic conversation is one of my very favorite things to do. The experience it can cultivate with friends and family makes me smile.

With any free time, I love stepping into stores like Zandbroz Variety [5]. All the cute trinkets, games, cards, books… the way it smells (and has since the days years ago when my mom would take my sister and me to grab a shake at the back counter) makes it a time-tested favorite spot in town. It’s our city’s version of another favorite – Patina in Minneapolis.

My number one is my Samoyed pup, Jade [6]. She’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see (admittedly has a little attitude like her mom, but I’ll take it). The girl gets more compliments from random strangers than I ever will!

For more information, visit annacatehealthcoach.com.

Random Facts:

Paris is an inspiration to me. The culture, the food, the sights, the language… hopefully I’ll make it there sooner than later.

Some products I don’t know how I’d live without: Lorac eye shadow – a staple and I’m obsessed. Gap Dream perfume. Trader Joe’s coconut oil. Lavender Epsom Salt baths. Spotify. Tea. Smucker’s Natural Chunky Peanut Butter, Annie’s Creamy Mac and Cheese (guilty pleasure). Nike running gear. I take a Camelbak everywhere I go for H2O! My bed…

The tattoo on my wrist represents love, kindness, purpose. health, and adventure.

I lived in Minneapolis, Washington D.C., and Denver before coming back to
“the 605.”

I’m a fan of road trips, mountains, and sunshine.

Anna Stahl



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