New York natives and lovers of bang-up brews, Beth and Mickey Staeckeler are bringing unique flavors to Lead via their restaurant, the Sled Haus. Newlyweds with a brand new location on Glendale Avenue (highway 85), the couple are impressing the local scene with New York burgers, beer rims straight from your childhood, and one of the largest (if not the largest) chalk board on that side of the state.

With two other locations under their belt, Beth and Mickey are finally feeling like locals. Due to the temporary feeling of the other locations, they say they felt as though some people questioned their desire to stick around.

“People really loved our old location because of the industrial-chic feel, but we didn’t own it,” Beth continued, “and we wanted to feel a sense of complete ownership. Now that we own the land and the building, they can say we are here to stay. [Locals] feel more confident in supporting us knowing that we invested in the community they grew up in.”

Now completely immersed in Lead, it wasn’t long ago that they lived near New York. Fans of the Sturgis Rally, Mickey made his way out to the Black Hills in the summer of 2005 and instantly fell in love. By the time Beth came into the picture, South Dakota was on the forefront of his mind.

“It didn’t take long for me to see that South Dakota was his life,” Beth said. “In 2013, we started talking about moving, and finally made the move in 2014.”

The Staeckeler’s knew they had struck gold when they saw the scenery Lead had to offer, which also brought along season upon season of customers. Events like Kool Deadwood Nights are big for them, but tourism in general is huge for the business.

“Summer tourism is actually just as busy as winter tourism, to be honest,” Beth explained. “It’s a lot of people that are traveling through with their families, hiking, and seeing attractions.”

When asked about prime Sled Haus time, Beth had no hesitations.

“The winter crowd is the best, because they are here to play. They’re always in a good mood, constantly drinking and eating after days full of snowmobiling and skiing,” she said. “It’s definitely our favorite time of the year.”

Moving right on to their menu, it’s impossible to ignore their specialty, craft, and imported German beers, and especially their infamous beer rims. While most people expect salt on their margaritas, Sled Haus has a way of taking their customers by surprise when presenting rims like their bacon-rimmed porter. Beth and Mickey both love the uniqueness of their drink delivery, especially when it comes to their infinite variety.

“With a lot of our Ambers, we will do a plain cinnamon-sugar-secret ingredient rim,” she said. “This year, I wanted to up that rim a bit, so I added a giant toasted marshmallow that we roast on the glass itself.”

It gets even more creative during the winter season.

Beth continued, “Winter also brings the dark porters and stouts, which we combine with our homemade frosting. We’ll dip the rim in frosting, then the cinnamon-sugar mixture, frosting again, and then you can pick from different cereals to top it off.”

The Sled Haus doesn’t stop at their ales. In fact, they have an extensive menu full of gourmet burgers and sandwiches, as well as a German Corner on their menu that includes items like the Bratwurst Platter and German Home Fries.

“I love our German Corner of the menu, especially because everything on there is imported straight from Germany,” Beth said. “We make all our sauces and meats, we have no cans, no boxes, and we really pride ourselves in that.”

For more information, as well as a full menu, visit the Sled Haus Facebook page. 

Try New American with a German Twist


Wurst Platter

Bratwurst, bauernwurst, home fries, sauerkraut, and brown mustard

German Home Fries

Grill potatoes with onions and seasoning


Cowboy Reuben

Grilled pastrami, bacon, sauerkraut, cheddar, onion strings, and spicy house Russian dressing

Brooklyn Bridge

Grilled pastrami and turkey with Russian dressing and coleslaw


Yaphank Burger

Bacon, grilled onions, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and thousand island dressing

Horseradish Burger

Cheddar, coleslaw, and house-made horseradish sauce

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