Cassie and Dave Medema have not only managed to make their house into a home, but also into a productive office for 9 years. Founders of NewOver in Sioux falls, the Medemas invited us into their design and development work space with tips and advice. From helping clients with logo renovations to developing entire brands, these two definitely know how to keep things simple and fresh.



We all know a good day can’t start without a boost of warm and fresh energy. Whether you are all about the energy drink, or keep it simple with some loose-leaf tea, having your choice of morning beverage at your fingertips is key. Not only is accessibility important, but also quality. Dave and Cassie say skimping on your morning “Cup of Joe” can put a dent in your whole day.

“If you have good coffee and tea at home, then it just completely gets rid of the need to go out to a coffee shop,” said Dave.


The setup of a home office can make or break your ability to be productive and comfortable, which is something Cassie swears by. Whether it’s a clean and organized desk, or a put together, clutter-free living area, the Medemas find that their productivity stems from a simple and orderly system.

“Make sure to spend a lot of time on the setup of things. If we are here all day, every day, we want it to be a pleasant and productive environment,” explained Cassie. “We try to keep it as minimal and tidy as possible, so we aren’t visually distracted from getting actual work done.”


One plus of working at home is picking the music. With that being said, there comes a time when tastes may clash or moods may change. (Let it be known the entire time 605 was welcomed in their home, they were jamming to 90’s hits, including Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mac.)

Dave said, “As long as the music and playlists stay fresh, and it’s something we both can listen to, it’s great.”



As much as we would love to be productive from the comfort of our beds, there is something to be said for separating work from play, especially where home offices are concerned. Having an office right off of the living space, it would seem easy for both aspects of life to overflow into the other, but by closing off an entire room for work only (meaning no play time or movie nights), they are able to keep them separate and distinct.

“I think defining a clear room is really important,” Cassie said. “We don’t use this room for anything else besides work. There is a clear distinction that this is the office.”

“We don’t use this room for anything else besides work. There is a clear distinction that this is the office.”


With as much effort that goes into making a home office space, it seems crazy to not want to show it off. But, the Medemas say they use meetings and consultations as an excuse to leave home. While they still sometimes use their work space to talk through big projects or meet with clients for specific tasks, they like to use time with clients to get back to their coffee shop days.

“As far as meetings go, they are our chance to get out of the office. So, we are either going to meet clients at their office, or sometimes they are looking for an excuse to leave too, so that’s when we will meet at a coffee shop,” said Cassie.


When we think home office, we think slippers and hoodies. In all actuality, Cassie says that’s one thing they steer clear from. With coffee in hand and blazer on back, Cassie explained to us that keeping themselves put together is just as important as keeping their space tidy.

“One thing that has really helped us is to treat it as if you’re going to an actual job. Get up, get ready, put yourself together,” she said. “That sense of presenting ourselves has really helped with our productivity. Look good, feel good, work good.”

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