In August 2017, Design House took over the space formerly occupied by The Bakery on North Main Avenue in Sioux Falls. Founder and owner Megan Peterson saw the need from independent interior designers for a workspace in the community. The space transformed into a trade-only designer showroom with amenities like private offices, a coffee bar, and a rooftop deck to better serve designers in the area.

Along with being a showroom of the latest designs in home furnishings, Design House also offers delivery and installation services to assist designers in completing projects for clients. The professional workspace also gives designers who are visiting town a place to meet clients and show them furniture and other pieces to complete their interior design projects.

Other amenities provided to designers include a resource library with access to brands and vendors not normally accessible to independent interior designers. The workspace also allows designers to collaborate on client orders that may need customization.

Design House selects all the furniture featured on the showroom floor. Peterson said she and another team member go to vendor shows to purchase furniture and other pieces, then bring them back for the designers to purchase and then resell to their clients. Peterson goes to these vendor shows with the intention of finding vendor lines to carry that no one else in town offers. Besides furniture, Design House offers upholstery, flooring, rugs, window treatments, wall coverings, and fabrics from select vendors. Furniture can also be customized to meet the space or style needs of clients. Peterson said designers will spend weeks finding the perfect piece of furniture or home décor for clients.

“These aren’t sales people. They are truly in it for the clients,” said Peterson.

Design House provides products and services independent interior designers cannot gain access to on their own. Peterson explained that these things could be missed from the retail designer studios, such as access to higher end products and helping designers complete projects by offering delivery and installation services. Design House also gives designers more freedom in how they work, how often they work, and what products they can offer clients.

When Design House initially opened, there was a membership fee,  but Peterson explained that has been done away with as it gave off the vibe of exclusivity. She said the only thing designers need to have is their buyer’s credentials. Designers who work out of Design House do have the option of paying a small fee to have their name listed on the Design House website. This can help clients learn more about the designers and their style, and help them determine who they want to work with.

The public is welcome to come to Design House to browse the showroom. If someone is interested in purchasing a piece and is not already working with a designer, Design House can match them with a designer who will help them complete the purchase. Peterson said every designer has a different price structure, and styles may vary between designers. All the designers have the mission of seeing their clients get the perfect piece to complete the room of their dreams for their homes.

“The designer’s inspiration is what the clients want,” said Peterson. “The whole process is the art of it.”

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  • Don’t underestimate the power of quality. Put your budget towards larger pieces you will enjoy for many years.
  • Choose classic lines on more expensive items, and go trendy with budget-friendly accents.
  • A final edit is always a good idea. Think less is more.
  • Your space should be functional and fit with your lifestyle.
  • Keep materials and finishes realistic for your home and family.
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