They say the only thing that can cure a hangover is time. But what if you could speed up the clock?

The owners of ivclub in Sioux Falls say they can help with that process in the first-of-its-kind operation in South Dakota. Through infusion treatments, owner Jenny Haiar says they can eliminate nausea and pain in about 30 minutes, and overall wellness within two to four hours. The boost lasts into the next 24-48 hours, and lets you avoid a day of misery.

“You’re not going to walk out of there skipping, but at least you walk out of there with your headache mostly gone, your nausea mostly gone, and you’re on your way to recovery,” said Haiar.

The procedure takes about an hour. Customers select a package – some contain just helpful fluids, others non-narcotic pain relief and anti-nausea medication, and some provide extra vitamins and minerals. Guests can eat, drink, watch movies, and kick back during their visit. The final step is as simple as a Band-Aid. Prices range from $80-$140.

“I’ve seen over thousands of patients year after year, what just fluids can do, and how much they can help people.” — Jenny Haiar

Though it’s not considered a medical practice, ivclub is run by health professionals. Haiar has been a registered nurse for 12 years, three of which have been through the practice of Dr. Jeremy Storm, the medical director for ivclub and owner of the Storm Clinic, who’s helped make Haiar’s idea a reality.

“Prior to us even rolling this out, this has just been a common thing that people have brought up or asked about,” said Dr. Storm. “I think it’s a natural evolution of what we do in our practice and Jenny’s background, and I think it’s a service out there that’s needed and that’s becoming more commonplace.”

But they want to be clear; this isn’t a clinic, but an elective service. Waivers will be required to ensure that customers are in overall good health before participating. Health insurance is not involved.

“We’re not treating you medically, we’re not diagnosing you with anything, it’s not FDA approved to cure you. It’s an elective service that you can do to relieve a hangover or a migraine,” explained Haiar.

Similar spots popping up across the country often market themselves as “hangover bars,” but as medical staff, they say they’re interested in sharing more than a hangover helper. They say ivclub can help customers dealing with all kinds of issues, especially those related to dehydration. Infusions can help marathon runners recover after a race or people suffering from migraines or feeling rundown.

The team says most of the customers they’ve already seen have been able to recover from illness faster, thanks to the boost in fluids and vitamins. It’s a more convenient way to receive fast-acting relief outside of a pricey hospital setting.

So why does it work? Haiar says incredulous minds have likened the treatment to an expensive pack of Gatorade. But in this case, the positive results are all about the process.

“When you get an IV infusion, your body absorbs it differently. It’s going through your bloodstream instead of the process of consuming it when you’re nauseated and getting dispersed through your GI system,” said Haiar. “A liter of fluid is absorbed, and it’s a lot more significant than a liter of Gatorade.”

They’re also hoping to make these services even more accessible. Haiar and Storm say they’re working to bring ivclub to events like JazzFest, and providing group services.

“I want it to be fun. I want it to be a service to help people,” said Haiar. “It should be fun – it should be at events and weddings and make people feel better and keep people out of hospitals.”

Dr. Storm agrees, and thinks Sioux Falls is a growing city ready to join the trend that’s been spreading across the country – and they’re excited to be at its forefront.

“It’s something that I think the area and the region needs and there’s desire for, and that they’re doing in a lot of other cities,” said Dr. Storm. “If somebody’s going to do it and be the first one in South Dakota, why not us?”

Ivclub is operating out of Storm Clinic on West 57th St. and a new transfusion center on South Minnesota Ave. Learn more about hours, locations, and appointments on their Facebook page and

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