My friend is always super rude to servers, and it’s mortifying. I thought it was a phase, but it’s obviously not. What do I do?

JR: Just do like my mom does, and order for them so they can’t communicate with the server. As soon as they show up just yell (in a positive tone), “THEY’LL HAVE THE CHICKEN TENDERS.”

JW: I wouldn’t be friends with someone who is rude to servers on principle. Also, when they spit in your friend’s food, there’s a good chance that yours is going to be an accidental casualty.

JT: Honestly, just stop going out with them. That is a huge no-no. I would talk to them calmly and explain the situation and that they should be a normal, kinder human being.

This guy I work with on a lot of projects randomly sent me a flirty text. I’m not interested, and this came out of the blue from my perspective. What do I do the next time I see him?

JR: Ah, the awkward slide in the DM. I’m still waiting to get those, I hear they’re great!

JW: Keep giving hints that you’re dating a super jealous mixed martial arts fighter. It should be clear airwaves after that.

JT: That’s uncomfortable. Try not to acknowledge it, but if it happens again, you might have to, unfortunately. Otherwise said coworker might not get the hint.

Every time my friend calls or texts me, she needs something. I don’t know the last time we actually hung out as friends where I wasn’t grabbing something for her or dog-sitting. Do I say something? I’m about to change my number.

JR: I think it’s normal. My friends only come over for my pool and my mom’s snacks. It’s the best!

JW: Just start being really bad at all of the favors that you’re doing for her. After she goes through a couple of dogs, she’ll get the hint to stop asking favors.

JT: Know what your limit is, and don’t take on too much. It already sounds like you’re starting to resent them, so I would stop doing favors until things calm or change.

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