Whenever I invite my friend to something, he brings a group of people with him. Sometimes I know them, sometimes I kind of know them, and sometimes they’re strangers. Is it wrong to clarify to come alone next time?

JR: Maybe you should stop being such a whiner and make new friends? I would give anything to make more friends. All I have is my par… er… roommates.

JW: Start charging a cover charge, and just don’t charge regulars (people that you invited). When randoms show up, just collect 20 dollars or bounce them out of there.

JT: This might be a time to pick your battles. Unless their friends are really bothering you, it’s always fun to meet new people. You could always just do one-on-ones with them?

I’ve been seeing this guy, and it’s at the point where I’ve asked him to stay the night several times. Each time he claims he can’t sleep without his fan on, and I even told him I have a fan, but he says, “It’s not the same.” Do I just ask him what kind of fan to get, or what is his deal?

JR: Go on Amazon and order every fan you can. Then, when you bring them into your room for your “appointment,” he’ll be so happy to see so many fans. From table fans, pedestal fans, window fans, wall-mount fans, floor fans, tower fans, ceiling fans, box fans, misting fans, industrial fans, decorative fans, and even a bathroom exhaust fan. If you can’t afford that, just blow on him when he sleeps. Then change your name in his phone to “fan girl.” He’ll never forget you…

JW: Girl, no. You’re getting into some weird stuff. He’s clearly a ‘never nude’ (please reference Arrested Development).

JT: It sounds like he’s just not that into you. No one is really that into fans. And if they are, it’s time to move on.

I like two different people at the same time, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Should I pursue both and see what happens? Or is that mean?

JR: This could get nasty (in more ways than one). Do it, for the love of everyone watching, do it.

JW: Three-some?

JT: It doesn’t hurt to keep your options open. Until it’s serious, see where it goes. Once one person seems to be making any sort of commitment, I would respect them and hone in on them if you’re feeling them.

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