My boyfriend and I broke up after dating for years. We have close mutual friends, and they keep inviting him to hang out. Is it weird for me to tell them to not invite him if I’m there?

JR: My parents recently got divorced and they told me I had to find my own place to live. I guess they said they couldn’t choose sides for who I could hang out with, so they said they can’t see me for a while and that I need my own place. It’s weird… because they still live together.

JW: Be honest, who is the favorite, you or him? It might be like Robin asking people to stop inviting Batman out. No one likes Robin. Make sure you don’t play yourself.

JT: It’s totally up to what you’re comfortable with. I would definitely be open with communication and tell your friends that you need some time and would like to hang out separately. If they’re your friends, they should understand.

One of my friends is a great person, except when I read their social media. It’s always dramatic and political, and it’s exhausting. Is it wrong to de-friend them? I tried to un-follow them, but they keep asking if I saw their latest post, and I never know the answer.

JR: I hide from my friends all of the time!

JW: My name is John, and I’m a recovering political over-sharer. Man, now I feel better. I’d like to say this person you’re speaking about is just passionate and be careful what you say, but I know better. I was doing most of my political posting to get a rise out of people, to troll, and just to stir the pot. They may be doing the same. Anyway, I’m fully recovered now and am… more… of… an… adul… Trump 2020!

JT: I think maybe checking in after you hide them so you can keep up with their life works. Or, simply tell them you hid them because they’re exhausting (in the nicest, sarcastic way) and see if they get the hint.

I’m seeing this guy, and he invites me to things like family functions. When I ask if he wants to be official, he says he needs time. It’s been two years. Aren’t we official if I’m at holidays with him?

JR: I think I watched this movie with Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck. And, like, every other famous person. Check his pockets for cigarettes.

JW: Yes, just tell Patrick Bateman that you two shouldn’t have any secrets. Nothing could go wrong!

JT: Two years is a commitment. Listen to your heart, and set a date for you two to re-discuss. At that point, if he’s not ready, pull the plug, unfortunately.

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