It was definitely a bummer when Keller’s Green Grocery seemed to suddenly close in the former ballroom in the Carpenter Building in downtown Sioux Falls.

It was then very exciting when it was announced a deli would be taking its place. Myer’s Deli & More opened in March, and the word on the street was that it was a great place to grab a sandwich (the tagline is also “legendary sandwiches” – bold move). Then I found out they served brunch, and I was basic-white-girl-thrilled.

Sadly, while this review doesn’t include brunch (with music?!), it does include other delicious options.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Liz, 605 art director and partner in crime (yes, I bolded that title), joined me as we entered the former grocery store. To the right was the deli counter, with Boar’s Head meat and cheeses, baked goods (like cannolis), and to the side it appeared to have a salad bar.

If you looked left, there was a grab-and-go marketplace with beer (including local beer Fernson Brewing Company), ice cream (with local options Stensland Family Farms),  and Myers’ own to-go options, like house-made pickles, ranch, sides, prepped meat, cookies, coffee, and more.

There were also Myers’ pre-made sandwiches, salads, and the like that I will be taking advantage of during lunchtime.

We took a seat and were greeted by executive chef Roger Titze. He got us Diet Cokes (we were tempted to ask for a beer), and we looked over the menu.

The offerings were nice, light options for a quality, quick stop. Myers’ menu has a variety of sandwiches, hot dogs and brats, salads, and wraps. Sides are $2 each, and include potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, hummus with vegetables, fresh fruit, and kettle chips.

Soon The Architect came out. Inside the marble rye was NY-style pastrami topped with shaved onion, house-made spicy pickles, and homemade mustard.

“Oh, wow,” I reacted. It was huge.

We wondered why it was called “The Architect.”

”Why? Because it’s the size of a building,” said Liz.

There was meat on meat on meat. I actually voiced my concern that I hoped they didn’t lose money on it with Boar’s Head, all of the ingredients, and it was only $12. Then I realized I got to eat it and didn’t care anymore.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say we widened our mouths aggressively as we ate. It was worth the struggle, because the flavor was powerful, and the homemade pickles were fantastic (and can be taken home from their marketplace).

As I have a small mouth (legit, the dentist needs to use a tool to open it and keep it open), we decided to cave in and cut it up to finish consuming.

Our side was kettle chips, which I always have to reprimand myself before I snarf them down before I even touch the main course. They were your standard kettle chips, which means I ate them all.

Next up was The T&J. This beauty had Genoa salami, hard salami, ham, and provolone cheese topped with ice onion, banana peppers, and oregano, finished with mayonnaise. The shining star was the Rosemary Focaccia bread, which they told me you can also purchase at the marketplace. That’s dangerous. And I like danger. (Again, basic-white-girl-excited.)

The strangest part? I decided at a young age that I hated salami. Never ate it in my life. Why? Because I didn’t like how it smelled or looked. Well, this is a food review, so I took a bite.

“This is what salami tastes like?” I asked Liz.

“Yeah, what is wrong with you?” she responded (and I don’t blame her).

I like salami!

Again, there was all the meat, and it was only $9. I was so nervous about the price point. Until I took another bite and forgot.

We took a digestion stretch before the Sriracha Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap arrived. The blackened chicken was tossed with bacon bits, tomato, ice onion, and Pepper Jack cheese, and was finished with Sriracha ranch.

Liz took the first bite, as I was still in digestion stretch mode, and I slowly watched her eyes widen and her react.

“Whoa, that sneaks up on you,” she said as she started blowing on her hand.

“It had great texture,” she said, as she started to touch her lips from the heat.

I was hesitant to take a bite.

I finally did, and it does take five to 10 seconds to feel the spice. Since I have an overbite (and as I continue to over-share), it’s hard for me to eat wraps. The knife and fork saved me, and I ate it like a salad. It was a great salad. Liz said it was a great wrap.

Lastly was an item that appeared that we couldn’t find on the menu. Atop a pita was a pile of fresh ingredients, including sprouts and the house-made pickles. With nothing to reference, we stared, and Liz started digging in… kind of.

“I’m not sure how I’m supposed to eat this,” she said.

Using a fork, she found cheese, hickory smoked bacon, and a lot of “fun flavors.”

“I don’t know what this is, but I’d get it again,” she said aloud.

Owner Dan Myers happened to walk by as she stated this, and he said, “That’s one of our specials, The Porker.”



I’m very excited about the new option in downtown Sioux Falls for deli, baked goods, grab-and-go, and more. I’m anxious to try their salads, and also am planning my first brunch outing (fresh pancakes with espresso syrup?!). This is a talented team, and with constant unique specials, it will stay exciting.

Go Green

Try the Salad Bar & Soup for $10, or $4 with a meal. The soup options include White Bean Chicken Chili, Turkey Noodles & Vegetable, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Pilsner, and Cheese & Bacon.


I really like the setup, where it’s a deli and marketplace, but you still get a restaurant feel. It’s also nice to eat something you like and have the ability to grab more to-go after. Or, even better that you can do a grab-and-go on a busy day.

For the quality of meat, and how much meat you get, the sandwiches are a steal. They range from $9-$12, and will definitely fill you. Items like The Street Brat are just $5. The current most expensive item is the Tex Mex for breakfast, which is $13.

The sandwiches were packed with different flavors that all complimented each other. It made me like salami!

It’s the Facts

Myers’ Deli & More is open Monday 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Thursday 6:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Executive Chef and Owner Daniel Myers also owns Elite Cafe & Catering.

It was recently announced that owner Daniel Myers is opening another location in the CNA Surety Building in the former Josiah’s Coffeehouse location.

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