I have a road trip coming up, and one of my friends is difficult to travel with. How do I prepare to ensure it’s fun for everyone?

JR: My mom and dad and I always play games on road trips. They leave me at a gas station for a few days and I eat snacks and time them until they get back!

JW: Pick a vehicle that has a separate trunk compartment that’s not an SUV. Put your friend in the trunk. When they get out at the first refill stop, their attitude will be a gracious one.

JT: Maybe don’t go on a road trip with them? If it’s a really fun trip, though, put on some solid head phones (if you’re not driving) and zone them out until your stop. Everyone fends for themselves!

I was out one night and I ended up making out with my best friend’s brother. Do I have to tell her? Or can I just make sure it doesn’t happen again?

JR: Just make out with your best friend and then it’s even. She won’t get jealous because she is included now. Can I be included?

JW: Or you can just do it again, because the second time will cancel out the first time. It’s science.

JT: It depends. Will it happen again? If there’s a huge chance it won’t, maybe keep that one in. Or be honest if you think she’ll find out.

My coworker breathes really heavy while they work, especially when they’re stressed. It affects my work. Can I say something?

JR: When they exhale heavy, follow that in by inhaling super extra. That coworker will taste their own medicine, probably say something to you, and cause an altercation. But you’re smart. You have already taped a camera by their desk to prove how exhausting they are. Put that up on YouTube. It will go viral. They will see it. And they will stop… or quit.

JW: I would start doing something equally annoying and when they ask you to stop, say, “I’ll trade you.”

JT: If it’s really bothering you, maybe bring it up as nice as possible. If it’s a tic, you can’t really fault them for it. Sometimes that’s just how work goes, unfortunately.

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