Kellen Boice is the director and face of the Sioux Falls Design Center located in downtown Sioux Falls. The non-profit organization strives to build connections among diverse people and organizations interested in design, like planners, architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape architects, artists, community leaders, and the greater public. One of the (many) ways the SFDC does that is with Sioux Falls Design Week, which includes presentations, workshops, and interactive events that celebrate design. The fifth annual event will take place September 28 through October 5. 605 chatted with Boice to see a day in her (busy) life.

In the last month I recently purchased a 100-year-old house in the McKennan Park neighborhood with my partner, Joel. We’ve loved being able to walk to get just about everything we need.

We spend a lot of time exploring the outdoors. One of our favorite places to meander around has been Good Earth State Park [1]. They’ve recently upgraded their trail system and overlook points that frame the vistas so well. Check out the new visitors’ center!

One of my favorite places to go is K Restaurant [2] to grab a Pot Roast and Havarti Sandwich and a tall glass of their mint flavored ice tea. So good!

Every month the SFDC highlights a design-related book. It’s great to have a store like Zandbroz Variety within walking distance to pick one out.

When I find myself without an office for the day, I love heading over to Queen City Bakery [3] to grab a cup of coffee and quiche and work remotely. It’s always a great place to get things done or to socialize with the local crowd.

As a way to help fulfill the mission of the SFDC, we host and promote events. One of my favorite things to do for work is pounding the pavement to hang up posters and talk to people about what events are coming up. Vishnu Bunny Tattoo & Piercing [4] is always one of those stops since they have a great community board. They also have one of the most beautiful handmade signs over their awning.

When it comes to fashion, I’m all about function and comfort. So, I love the Great Outdoor Store [5] with their endless supply of pocketed dresses, skorts, and reversible everythings. I can always find something that works, and the higher quality products end up looking new and lasting for years.

When working with designers, or anyone for that matter, it helps to be in a great location and have a great space. We get both being located at 108 W. 11th Street in one of my favorite buildings downtown at the Boyce-Greeley [6]. Built in 1910 and meticulously renovated in the last decade, the Boyce-Greeley stands as a beacon for the importance of historic preservation in our downtown, and we are proud to call it home.

You can find me at least a few times a month bellied up to the counter at Mama’s Phried & Phillys to get my cheesesteak fix. It’s also a lot of fun to sit next to a variety of people. Make sure to order with the Swizz, it will change your life.

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I have a 16-year-old diabetic cat named Willow. Over nine moves, six jobs, and many hair styles, she has been my constant.

My father is big into motorcycling and taught me to ride before I ever learned to drive a car. My first bike was my mom’s old Honda Rebel.

I’m a sucker for gummy anything. My favorite is the Albanese Mini Gummy Bears. The problem is you can only order them online, but, on the other hand, you can get them in 5 lb. bags.

My least favorite font is Papyrus. It has no place in this world and should be removed from all computers. Ryan Gosling agrees!

I once got a $25 tattoo with a coupon from the Big Soo Coupon Book. Not my brightest moment, but that’s what being young is all about.




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