I was seeing this girl for a while and then things tapered off. Now she is dating my cousin. Do I say something?

JR: You should introduce me and say I’m your long-lost brother! Think she would be into that?

JW: How is the weather in West Virginia this time of year? I imagine it’s lovely. What was your question again? Oh yeah, she sounds great. Fight for her, win her back.

JT: Did your cousin know you were dating her? If so, that’s a bold move. I would just drop it no matter how sucky it is, because it sounds like they deserve each other.

My mom is obsessed with her new boyfriend, but I don’t think he is a good guy. How do I tell her?

JR: Have you set up booby traps, like leaving out money for him to steal, or sending in a lady of the night to stop by their table at a restaurant when your mom goes to the bathroom to see if he hits on her? No? Just me?

JW: Ask her to watch a Lifetime Network movie marathon. Every time a guy does something sinister (which is every 45 seconds), give her a knowing glance. It will take care of itself.

JT: I think you need to give him the benefit of the doubt. Give it some time.

How do I tell my husband his friend tried to come on to me?

JR: When this happened was it at a party where people were putting keys in a bowl? Because that’s called a “key party,” and it sounds like the key to my heart.

JW: It depends. Was the friend a better kisser? Let me know, and we can update this answer next month.

JT: Eek, that sounds bad. If it was anything that made you uncomfortable, I would say something. It might suck for him to hear it, but it’s not worth you feeling that way.

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