I drunk called my boss and am mortified. Do I acknowledge it, or just let it go?

JR: Depending on how bad it was, maybe grab a prop or gift of some sort to make a joke out of it. It could be great… or you could get the ol’ theater hook.

JW: If you’re still employed, just let it go. Or, pull a Beerfest and get yourself back into the exact same drunkenness shape, and the answer on how to handle this correctly will reveal itself!

JT: This is not good, but I’m sure you feel this already. Just go with the flow and see what consequences happen.

I’m trying to hint at my roommate to move out, but she isn’t getting it. How do I ask without hurting her feelings?

JR: Whenever my mom wanted to tell me something when we were roomies, she would leave me little sticky notes around the house like, “Stop finishing the leftovers and buy your own groceries.” Or, “I’m not your landlord, seriously. Why are you still here?” Try that!

JW: Hire an actor to play your new boyfriend. Make sure it is someone with “Sketchy Drifter #3” on their IMDB page acting credits.

JT: Moving out can be a big deal, so I would sit them down and have a mature, nice conversation. Give them plenty of time to find their own place. Especially then, they’ll understand.

Ever since I had my baby, no one invites me out anymore. What do I do?

JR: Are you so tired you forgot to plug your phone back in? Plug it in! There’s been a new iPhone update and everything, wake up!

JW: To the baby? Or to the world that you chose to leave behind for the next 18 years? Too dark?

JT: Don’t fret, you will see them more again. It takes effort on both ends, and it does take some coordinating for schedules, sitters, etc. It will get easier the older your child gets. Hopefully.


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