Sion Lidster, founder of The Blot Collective, and Jason Kurtz, founder of South Dakota Writes, recently took on the venture of opening a brick and mortar for the literary community—the Full Circle Book Co-op. The duo raised over $12,500 via Kickstarter to cover expenses for the downtown space that shares and sells works of authors.

The co-op will also act as an event space, a bookstore, and will act as a hub for “creative people and their endeavors.” Patrons can also enjoy food and drinks, including beer and coffee. 605 found out what a day in Lidster’s life looks like when he’s not slammed with planning events or chatting all things of the written word.

I love to walk around the city, writing. There is so much inspiration—historical, architectural, cultural… I keep a small notepad in my pocket and try to find alternative routes around and see what new ways of seeing that gives me. You can take this further by transplanting an image of another place over a map of Sioux Falls, bringing two places together, and see where that takes you!

A five minute walk from my house takes me to Total Drag. Dan and Liz Nissen ave been a big inspiration to me while starting the Full Circle Book Co-op. I loved their business model, their attitude, and what they have done for the community. They were a building block showing what can be done, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this.

Lalibella is one of my favorite places to eat in town. It was a shame when the old one got taken away, but I am very excited to go to the new location. Excellent food, and totally not pretentious—it’s hard to be dainty when you are eating delicious stews with your hands!

Monks House of Ale Repute has always been very good to us. We started our “Beer and Poetry” nights there, and they were super accommodating, which we will always be grateful for. Delicious brews, always something new, and a colorful and comfortable atmosphere.

If I am ever in the mood to get some artistic inspiration, I head over to Jam Arts & Supplies. As much as I love their ethos and prices, I take even more from the community that they’ve built there and the people I run into.

Last Stop CD Shop has long been my post work day go-to. I’ll go browse the book shelves and check out the community boards. They’ve flown the flag for poetry by hosting readings there for years. Plus, they send people our way to donate the books that they weren’t able to sell to Last Stop, which is a sign of how the independent community here in Sioux Falls works together.

Riding the Sioux Area Metro has always put me in a reflective state. That’s important for writing, and I have gotten a lot of poetry written on those commutes. I support public transport. Walk, ride bikes, hop a bus, get a Lyft. There’s so much more to see that way.

Monstrous Little Theatre Company always puts on great performances. They are an independent theater company based here in Sioux Falls. They produce original works as well as more established performances (their take on Sartre’s No Exit was phenomenal).

The Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge is an excellent little non-profit getaway for writers and artists here. Located less than 10 miles north from Sioux Falls, they provide a writing cabin, a community hall/kitchen, a beautiful A-frame, and a huge outdoor fire pit perfect for reading and reflection. Super affordable and accommodating.

My favorite thing right now is to take a moment before the book co-op opens and take a look at the Dylan Thomas mural on our wall. It reads, “Do not go gentle into that good night.” As a welsh man running a book bar, naturally had to paint Wales’ most famous drunken poet sitting up on our highchairs, looking over. It’s then that I open the doors and welcome whatever “good night” is in store for us all at the FCBC.

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I’m a poet with four books published, a fifth on the way.

I will never get used to seeing a doctor on a billboard. Somethings just aren’t meant to be sold.

The Full Circle Book Co-op was born from the work of two non-profits: The Blot Collective, which I and others run, and South Dakota Writes, which is run by my business partner, Jason Kurtz.

My name is pronounced “Sean/Shaun,” contrary to popular belief.

I am a feminist who believes that all Hell broke loose the day that God was deemed a man. I think the world would be in better shape if we went back to Mother Earth.

I also enjoy a good cup of tea.





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