Since 2014, 605 Running Company has aimed to form a community of runners who proudly represent their state. From taking the time to properly fit each customer to creating an online presence and support system, this company has built a lifestyle out of “605”.

“I think it is an unwritten rule that having ‘605’ in your business name means that you are going to offer a truly authentic experience,” explained general manager Greg Koch.

And that they do. Each customer, whether they are a seasoned marathon runner or they are in the market for their first pair of running shoes, has the opportunity to be fit and privately coached to fulfill their running needs.

“My job is to hire a team that embodies the philosophy that we will meet our clients where they are in their fitness journey. Our space is a judgement-free zone and we truly believe that running is for everyone,” said Koch.

“I think 605 means being willing to take on big challenges and to persevere even when the wind blows.”

Not only does this company offer customer-based services, but they also offer their space for meetings, clubs, and all things running, which allows 605 Running Company to see themselves as more than a brick-and-mortar shop.

“We utilize social media to build a community around out store – a community that is not defined by age, gender, or skill level. The best part of it all is that for as strong willed and determined as our community is, we are just as passionate and caring for others,” beamed Koch.

Group Runs:
Wednesdays 6:05 p.m.
Saturdays 9 a.m.

Weekly group runs, large races, and a continuously updated blog has kept 605 Running Company at the forefront of many runners’ minds, solidifying the fact that this running company is a lifestyle brand. A brand, Koch says, that shines with local pride.

“We sponsor local running clubs like the Sioux Falls Area Running Club, Sioux Falls Women Run, and the Prairie Striders Running Club. We put money earned right back into the programs that build communities. While we carry a lot of nationally recognizable brands, our most important brand in 605,” said Koch.

Located in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls, it is hard to miss the big “RUNNING” sign on their storefront, catching eyes of runners and non-runners alike. With that being said, Koch acknowledges the intimidation that running elicits, and is ready to dismantle it.

“our goal is to facilitate a happy and healthy running environment for folks at every level of the sport.”

“The reality is as an owner I found running later in my life and never competed at any level. My personal experience has shown me that this is a sport that is truly accessible to all different types of people,” said Koch.

605 Running Company has found its niche and is striving every day to make the local running community an open and welcoming one. With access to both paved and soft trails, runners have their pick of terrain and difficulty, though it seems most will take the route less traveled.

“I think we have some of the most rugged and tough runners in the world. As many locals can attest to, training year round in South Dakota is next level. I think our community takes pride in going outside when nobody else will,” chuckled Koch.

Being a business focused on building a community not only puts 605 Running Company on a new level, but it allows for their retail store to grow to new heights. Running isn’t just for athletes and a family isn’t just for home, which is something this local business had figured out.

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